Unified Atlassian Services

Unlock the potential within your Atlassian tools. Use our team of experts to meet your everyday challenges.

With Oxalis Unified Atlassian Services, you get:

Best Practice guidance and consultative support from a dedicated Technical Advisor.

A tailored Atlassian Strategic Roadmap designed to optimize and elevate your usage of the Atlassian stack.

Expert Technical Services to accelerate and expand your organization’s capabilities.

Ongoing access to Oxalis’ diverse team of industry, technology, and process specialists.

With Unified Atlassian Services, you can focus on your business while we enhance and optimize your Atlassian collaboration tools. With each month, Oxalis’s team of experts learns how to effectively improve your Jira configuration and will offer those solutions to your team.

If you’re on server or data center, Oxalis’s experts improve your Jira configuration every month and share solutions with your team. As an Atlassian solution partner you can count on our deep expertise in data center and cloud products. Also, in case you’re considering starting an Atlassian migration to cloud, or if you wonder about the Atlassian cloud costs. You’ll be covered with Oxalis professional experience. Contact us to learn more about the standard and premium plans.

Healthcare industry - Oxalis Integrated Services Case Study

Case study: Streamlining Portfolio Reporting at a National Health Care Company

A national healthcare organization was struggling to define, prioritize, and manage execution of their infrastructure and operation initiatives in a consistent manner. Through Oxalis Integrated Services, we helped them connect strategy to execution.

Deliverables You Can Count On

Quarterly Strategic Roadmap

Track a long-term Atlassian strategic roadmap based on anticipated future utilization and improvements.

Co-Created, Prioritized Backlog

A joint backlog allows us to focus on your highest priority, highest value initiatives.

Administrative Resolution

Our award-winning team is standing by to assist with and troubleshoot your hairiest issues.

Flexible Engagement Model

Your dedicated team of Oxalis experts can pull in specialists as needed to adapt to your organization’s strategic priorities.

Best Practice Implementation

We’ll work with you to align your strategy and system configuration with industry best practices and Atlassian’s product roadmap.

Product Manager’s Mindset

As strategic partners and technology leaders, we’re constantly evaluating how the technical choices made impact People and Processes. Usability, extensibility, and sustainability are constantly at top of mind.

Get the Oxalis advantage

Unified Atlassian services provide ongoing support and management for Atlassian software applications.

With Unified Atlassian services, organizations can free up internal resources and ensure that their Atlassian applications are running optimally and securely. You’ll be able to focus on their core business activities while leaving the management of their Atlassian applications to experts.

Avoid worries when making decisions about Atlassian license costs, cloud costs, migration to the cloud, and migration to cloud. Oxalis has you covered.

Join the path to success with the Oxalis team

Discover how Oxalis successfully migrated Lucid to the Atlassian cloud in just 30 days, their Atlassian products, and apps. Enjoy the benefits of the Atlassian cloud with Premium and Enterprise such as unlimited storage and more. Get migration assistance with Oxalis.

Get your Cloud production migration successfully done without user limit to the Atlassian environment. You can trust in our team of Cloud migration assistants. Also, Oxalis can help you with Atlassian cloud licensing, Atlassian migration and Atlassian migration support. Contact us to learn more.

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