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Decades of experience serving Fortune 500 businesses have honed our expertise in our primary core competency, Enterprise Information and Work Management.

Face the new industry challenges with our enterprise services. For large organizations, it is critical to view enterprise processes under lenses of transformation and change management. Simple issues are compounded at scale when enterprise value and process are not considered.

Technology vendors often will underestimate how sustainable software is implanted and operationally improved over time. Oxalis can help large organizations navigate complex problems with enterprise services, including agile transformation, portfolio management, information risk management, and enterprise collaboration services.

Cloud Transformation and Consolidation

Enterprise Cloud Transformation and Consolidation

Oxalis will help your company make the transition to cloud technologies that are sustainable and scalable. The path often involves cloud consolidation and optimization of services and licenses.

Our enterprise methodology for enterprise services is based on rolling out technology solutions for organizations with multiple business units and tens of thousands of employees. It starts with current state mapping and detailed process inventories to understand the consolidation and optimization opportunity. Target state cloud providers and solutions are identified and the gaps articulated. An enterprise-grade effort is identified to maximize client value by achieving value in stages as organizational components are migrated as business environmental factors allow. This foundation allows for cost-reduced licensing models. Learn more about how Oxalis delivers cloud transformation for enterprise businesses.

Information Management & Enterprise Collaboration Services

Intellectual property and collaboration around critical information will either enable your business or paralyze it due to lack of capability.

Oxalis expertise in enterprise services, from experience at Fortune 500 business drives a scalable methodology and approach for making information available for all of your team. Your organization is developing industry expertise and intellectual capital that is driving your position in the market. Oxalis expert consultants deliver enterprise collaboration services to help unlock that information at scale enabling your team to build on your knowledge.

Enterprise Collaboration & Information Management

Information Risk Management and Compliance

Information Risk Management and Compliance

Oxalis views security and privacy as the primary concerns for all businesses in our enterprise services. This is based on managing data privacy for some of the largest companies in the world. Collaboration and information sharing must be weighed against enterprise risk and compliance requirements. For our healthcare clientele, Oxalis has unique experience implementing at scale for HIPAA compliant organizations. For Defense and Government subcontractors, Oxalis is deeply experienced with NIST 800-171, CMMC, DFARS, and other difficult to achieve compliance regulation. Learn more about how the Oxalis team delivers information risk management and compliance for enterprise businesses.

Portfolio Planning and Management

Enable your business to perform Agile Portfolio Planning and Reporting today. Get insights into your capacity and throughput and manage to the finish line.

Changing your organization to work in a standardized and agile manner is no small feat. Doing so, and accomplishing this work management ideal, unlocks your business potential to understand the work that is happening, afford the opportunity to plan at new levels, and manage your business with data driving critical decisions and monitoring organization progress. Oxalis in our enterprise services, has the know-how and expertise to deliver portfolio planning and management. Having seen this challenge countless times, we enable large organizations to scale up agile with industry-leading Atlassian tools.

Portfolio Planning and Management

Agile Transformation & Work Management

Oxalis has proven methodologies for enabling technology and business agility at scale for large organizations. Change management coupled with agile portfolio management unlocks your business’s potential to generate revenue via technology. Companies failing to adopt agile methods and work styles will fail to capture market share and revenue as their products fail to keep up. Through agile transformation, Oxalis meticulously maps your organization’s needs prior to an industry-leading Atlassian implementation to fulfill the technology promise and implement agile at scale.

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