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Adapt easily to the Atlassian licensing process from day 1 with Oxalis expertise to simplify your buying, management, and renewals.

Why chose Oxalis for your Atlassian Licenses?

Oxalis manages professionally your Atlassian licenses. This includes procurement, renewal, and optimization. This service saves you money and time, so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Our core value consists on get scalable Atlassian solutions for all of our customers. Oxalis is a Platinum Solution Partner, our experts team has always integrate, optimize and share the best Atlassian practices.

  • Ensure the best deal for your optimal configuration
  • Oxalis has a direct line to Atlassian
  • Management of the Atlassian Procurement Process

Utilizing expert configuration experience and leveraging relationships with Atlassian’s team, Oxalis procures the lowest cost-per-user possible for their clients. As an Atlassian license reseller, we take care of license procurement and management so you can get back to growing your business with the peace of mind Oxalis provides.

Atlassian License Management | Atlassian license optimization

How Oxalis can help you?

License acquisition & management

Oxalis can help you to solve your Atlassian needs to unlock efficient collaboration. Effective Atlassian license management helps organizations to optimize their software usage and minimize security risks.

Atlassian Products Administration

Scale performance amongst your teams with the Atlassian licenses.  We direct line of communication with the Atlassian team and sits on the Atlassian Partner Advisory Board

Co-existent expiration dates

Get accuracy in your Atlassian processes. We share when benefits are coming toward our clients, and make sure they’re aware so they get the best configurations.

Renewal Operations

Take control of your operations efficiently you’ll be notified previously. Oxalis finds the right tiers, product combos, user counts, combinations .

Open Payments

Get multiple payment options with Oxalis. Our teams offers multiple payment option for our customers.


We’ve worked with multiple industries, sharing our Atlassian knowledge. We save our clients the time and effort it takes to go through Atlassian’s help desk.

Making the most out of your Atlassian License optimization

Considering purchasing Atlassian tools such as Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Management, and Confluence? It’s easy to focus on the purchase and forget about the process of getting Atlassian licenses.

Many don’t know that buying Atlassian licenses from an award-winning partner like Oxalis has many benefits. These benefits are often overlooked. We are experts in fields such as license management and atlassian migration to cloud & Atlassian migration support.

Join the path to success with the Oxalis team

Explore how Oxalis successfully migrated Lucid to the cloud in just 30 days, their Atlassian products, and apps. Enjoy the benefits of the Atlassian cloud with Premium and Enterprise such as unlimited storage and more. Get migration assistance with Oxalis.

Get your Cloud production migration successfully done without user limit to the Atlassian environment. You can trust in our team of Cloud migration assistants. 

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