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Oxalis is a verified Atlassian Solution Partner and an Authorized License Reseller

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Utilizing expert configuration experience and leveraging relationships with Atlassian’s team, Oxalis procures the lowest cost-per-user possible for their clients. We take care of license procurement and management so you can get back to growing your business with the peace of mind Oxalis provides.

Why license with Oxalis

Ensure you’re paying the lowest price possible for the most optimal product configuration

Our consultants spot inappropriate/redundant usage, consolidate instances, merge data and teams, integrate and optimize, and share best practices

The Red Phone:
Oxalis has a direct line to Atlassian
and we know how to use it

As an award-winning Atlassian partner, Oxalis has a direct line of communication with the Atlassian team and sits on the Atlassian Partner Advisory Board. We save our clients the time and effort it takes to go through Atlassian’s help desk.

Management of the Atlassian Procurement Process

Oxalis finds the right tiers, product combos, user counts, combinations, Marketplace Apps, and Discounts. We’re made aware when benefits are coming toward our clients, and make sure they’re aware so they get the best configuration possible.

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Making the most out of your Atlassian License

When you’re exploring whether to purchase Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Management, Confluence, or any of the other members of Atlassian’s suite of tools, it’s easy to only think about the procurement and not the process of acquiring Atlassian licenses.

However, many don’t realize purchasing Atlassian licenses through an award-winning Atlassian partner like Oxalis brings several benefits usually abandoned on the table.

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