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You may understand the needs of your team, but finding the right system to fit them can often be difficult. Customization can become complex, and sometimes, things just don’t seem to work as they should. Oxalis is here to help, providing expert consulting services within top platforms on the market. 

Within our Atlassian Consulting Services, you’ll get expertise in implementing industry-leading process management and development toolset, along with knowledge of best practices in configuration, customization, plugins to utilize, and how to effectively structure process and people around this tool. Whether you require cloud or on-premise deployment, our team delivers highly-experienced Atlassian consulting services with a range of products and can provide full systems integration maximizing the premier Agile process and task management. 


Jira Service Management (JSM) is a self-managed solution that gives you high availability and disaster recovery, so no service request goes unsolved.

This platform has successfully solved problems for large-scale production teams, by improving communication, automating approvals, and enforcing consistent data collection.

We also utilize Jira Service Management for problems surrounding documentation workflows and revisions/approvals and tracking all necessary tasks to complete complex jobs.

Customizable Workflows

Speed up your deployments with customizable Jira Serve Management workflows based on ITIL best practices.

Error/Issue Notifications

Solve issues and errors faster.  Automatically send notification of certain events the right team members throughout the lifecycle of an issue. 

Self-Service Portal

Allow your employees to find the answers to common questions using Jira Service Management’s self-service portal. They can search the knowledge base for relevant articles to find answers themselves, or easily submit requests when they need more help. 

Service Level Agreements

Keep track of deadlines by setting up SLA policies based on elapsed time or request categories. Assign priorities to resolve the most important requests first and prevent SLA breaches by automatically notifying the right team members based on predefined rules.  

Change Approval

Configure different types of change approvals consistent with procedures established by your change-advisory board (CAB).

Asset Tracking

Connect your favorite asset management app to track all your IT assets and directly link to associated requests in Jira Service Management.

Rapid Releases

Upon approval of a change in Jira Service Management, a linked issue is automatically created in the developer’s backlog in Jira to quickly push a fix through.  

Integrate External Applications

Integrate Jira Service Management with hundreds of best of breed workflow, asset management, monitoring and collaboration tools.

Incident Alerts/Automation

Resolve incidents quickly by automatically routing alerts to the right people as defined by on-call schedules across multiple teams.  


Atlassian has developed a holistic toolset, with Jira at its core. As a Jira consultant, we have found various business applications for Jira. These tools start by meeting a single team’s needs in an organization and grow to be a business-wide solution.

Jira is a solution that becomes widely applicable and spreads fast due to the foundations and features that many companies desire.

SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

SAML single sign-on allows users to securely access Atlassian platforms from the same account for efficiency and robust automation while protecting your account access.

Active Directory Sync

Seamlessly integrate Jira Software with external directories or databases to securely track and store your data, in one place. 

Enforced 2FA

Maintain secure access with two-factor authentication, preventing unwanted leaks of data and automated security. 

Unified User Management

Manage your team hierarchy realistically with explicitly set user visibility and functionality, in order to control strict access to relevant information.

Security Integrations (CASB)

With high compliance capabilities at its core, Jira software provides a framework for automated security management across many industries.

Streamlined, Consistent Procedures

Centralized functionality remains consistent across all Atlassian products, helping you to seamlessly integrate platforms that work together to help teams reach success by working smarter, not harder.


Confluence is a central place to keep your team’s work organized and accessible, so you can’t afford to lose this information if something goes wrong.

With a flexible foundation at its core, Confluence supports the way your team works and can be customized to fit any and every type of need. Learn what is confluence used for.


With Confluence you can create templates that provide the perfect starting place for your documentation, allowing out of the box or custom-built templates to meet the exact needs for every team. 

Historic Version Records

Disaster recovery is just a click away, Confluence saves previous document history allowing users to revert back to older document versions when inconsistencies or errors arise. Confluence helps your team prevent the spiral of inaccuracies, helping to keep work consistent and accountable. 

Increased Communication/Commentary

Confluence provides transparent communication in order to keep users updated and informed throughout workflows, letting team members collaborate with efficiency and increased communication throughout each document.

Explicitly Set Acces Permissions

Confluence supports your hierarchies on and offline with explicitly set visibility and functionality for each unique user. This helps prevent potential inaccuracies, keeping users focused on the information needed for their exact tasks.

Organize Files

Maintain detailed records and documentation based on your preferred categorization, in one place. Access and store documents in one secure platform within the exact categories you define. 

Security at the Core

Confluences provides the framework to maintain security measures, even as you scale. You can maintain peace of mind knowing your information is secure within trusted Atlassian framework that Confluence builds from.


Bitbucket is a self-managed Git server solution with active-active clustering for high availability and Git mirroring for performance across geographically distributed teams.

With Bitbucket Data Center, teams can customize their development platform using integrations and add-ons. With hundreds of add-ons to meet your team’s needs offered in the Atlassian Marketplace, the possibilities are endless!

Built-in CI/CD

With built-in continued delivery, Bitbucket allows teams to build, test, and deploy without the delay, treating configuration as code to expedite progress. 

Track/Preview Deployments

In Bitbucket, users can track their deployments and deployment environments, gaining availability over code changes while also assigning specific users to deploy or manage the specific code. 

Ease of Implementation 

All Atlassian deployments are built with the user at the center, making Bitbucket incredibly intuitive within the implementation. Provide the tools that your teams want to use, without the usual hassle and frustration of the implementation process. 

Seamless Jira Integration

Easily import Jira specific issues within Bitbucket to maintain consistency and visibility across all workflows, helping to maintain the organization of projects as well as accountability of users. 

Custom Configuration

Bitbucket can fit the needs of many teams, directly out of the box or through the use of custom configuration. Easily manipulate functionality and process to match the needs of your team, to help your users work smarter, not harder.  

External App integrations 

Bitbucket easily integrates with many external applications, inside and out of native Atlassian products like Jira or Trello. Connect all of your team members and departments using integrations with your favorite platforms, like as Slack or Mircrofort teams, to keep all users informed. 

Map Pipeline Structures

Bitbucket Pipelines allow users to automatically build, test, and deploy code based on previous configuration files stores within the platform. This provides an expedited start to progress, maximizing the effectiveness of your resources. 


Atlassian Access provides enterprise-wide administration and security measures to keep teams and platforms aligned, automatically.

SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

Access prioritizes security measures across all platforms, allowing user’s credentials to be transferred seamlessly as users jump between Atlassian platforms with ease. 

Active Directory Sync

Seamlessly integrate your native Active Directory, like Okra, OneLogin, Azure, and more, to holistically manage your current process, in one robust platform. 

Enforced 2FA

Access maintains secure connections to your platforms while monitoring and preventing external actors from gaining access through the use of highly enforced two-factor authentication.

Unified User Management 

Manage administration with efficiency through the use of Access’ unified user management, allowing you to explicitly set preferences across all platforms, saving you time while maintaining strict control and visibility of user accounts. 

Security integrations (CASB)

Access allows automatic monitoring of security threats through the use of Cloud Access Security Blockers, systematically enforcing security protocols and strict user access, helping you to stop potential hackers in their tracks without lifting a finger. 

Streamlined, Consistent Procedures

Access maintains unity and cohesion across teams, using uniform functionality and procedures across your favorite platforms in order to help your teams visualize and track progress, no matter where work is being performed. 

Maintained Audit Log 

Access supports current projects while maintaining secure logs and records of previously completed tasks through the use of an automated Audit Log, arranged within your exact preferences for the organization. 

Organization Insights 

Track the adoption of your teams’ Atlassian products and security procedures with organization-wide insights, automatically tracking across all of your favorite Atlassian platforms into easily digestible reports and graphics.

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Get the conversation started!

Feel free to send us a message in the form below. We’re very approachable and would like to talk more about how we can meet your needs: