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With our Jira consulting services, you’ll get expertise in implementing industry-leading process management and development toolset, along with knowledge of best practices in configuration, customization, plugins to utilize, and how to effectively structure process and people around this tool. Whether you require cloud or on-premise deployment, our team delivers highly-experienced Atlassian consulting services with a range of products and can provide full systems integration maximizing the premier Agile process and task management. We provide Jira consulting services to the Portland, OR area and beyond.

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Why Jira?

Atlassian has developed a holistic toolset, with Jira at its core. As a Jira consultant, we have found various business applications for Jira and Jira Service Desk, and have seen these tools start as meeting a single team’s need in an organization, and grow to be a business-wide solution. We believe that this solution is so widely applicable, and spreads so fast because it has the foundations that many companies desire.

We have seen Jira and Jira Service Desk successfully solve problems for large-scale production teams, by improving communication, automating approvals, and enforcing consistent data collection.

We have also utilized Jira Service Desk for problems surrounding documentation workflows and revisions / approvals and tracking all necessary tasks to complete complex jobs.

  • By being easily configurable, Jira is able to flex to meet constantly changing business needs.
  • With the ability to create easily customizable Custom Fields, Jira is able to fit your company, instead of forcing your company to fit to the tool.
  • While recording a complete and transparent audit trial, Jira helps keep your organization and key partners accountable.
  • Finally, with the end-user in mind, Jira has shown time and time again that it was meant for business teams and software teams alike, enabling productivity and evolution.

In the Maritime industry and other MRO industries, projects require specific inspection plans to be performed by the contracting company, where each item of the asset must be inspected and groomed for work estimation. Using Jira Service Desk, these 200+ point inspections can easily be performed, allowing users to comment and attach images to be submitted for clarification and approval. Utilizing Atlassian approved add-ons, a fully surveyed asset inspection plan can be exported into multiple formats for submission to the Federal contractor’s customer, saving time, developing repeatable processes and formats, and ultimately generating revenue for our contracting clientele.


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