Technological services for your business. Solution or Technology first strategies may work for some organizations, but Oxalis knows what it actually takes for most. Understanding the current state, the desired future state, and the requirements to get there is imperative to Oxalis. We work smarter and faster to help you get to where you need to be, so how do we get there?

Atlassian Jira

While Jira leads the industry in workflow management and customization, figuring out how to best apply that power to your business can be challenging. At Oxalis, Jira and Jira Service Management are core competencies, with both the technical expertise to build the right solution and a development approach that involves the customer throughout the process.

This expertise is coupled with knowledge of best practices in configuration, customization, plugins, and how to effectively structure process and people around this tool. Count on skilled implementation, customization, and targeted rollouts to your users. Whether you require cloud or on-premise deployment, our team with high experience in technological services can provide full systems integration maximizing premier Agile process and task management.

AWS and AWS GovCloud

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud provides huge benefits in cost, agility, and availability but too often migrations flounder, discovering unanticipated architectural issues, security challenges, and process issues.

We take a three step approach to Cloud Migration, assessing the requirements, preparing the infrastructure, and conducting the migration. Security is always our top concern, and along with a secure infrastructure, we develop a fully compliant infrastructure, ensuring that your business is compliant with all federal standards.

We develop and build an infrastructure that meets your business needs, with hot failover to support critical systems with automated load balancing. Our cloud solutions are maintainable, easy to understand, reliable, and ultimately optimize costs for your business.

Custom Development and Integration

Fitting specific business processes into off the shelf software can be like shoving a square peg into a round hole. Oxalis helps move people off of shared spreadsheets to engaging web applications designed to meet your needs while recognizing that businesses evolve and change.

Our scalable technological services and web applications are built for the user and encourage adoption. If necessary, we provide robust and highly available systems integration for government processes and working database relationships, enabling your business to work more efficiently with government entities.


Too many consultants lead with strategy but fail to link an aligned business solution to integrate it.

Oxalis brings a depth of knowledge in technological services with lengthy experience in technology and consulting to help CIO’s and technology leaders at all levels untangle their hairiest problems from multi-year roadmaps to solution selection. Our consultants work to find a path towards sustainable success for your business.

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