Oxalis has developed an understanding of company-specific insights through our experience within the software consulting field.

Oxalis products are here. We have discovered unmet needs across various industries, for organizations of different sizes with various requirements for security and functionality. We represent an industry leading software, Atlassian Jira, to provide for rapid product solutions to address these unmet needs. Oxalis builds products to address complex industrial level operational process challenges.

Representing industry leading Atlassian Solutions

Atlassian Jira

Talking about Oxalis products, within our Atlassian Consulting Services, you’ll get expertise in implementing industry-leading process management and development toolset, along with knowledge of best practices in configuration, customization, plugins to utilize, and how to effectively structure process and people around this tool. Whether you require cloud or on-premise deployment, our team delivers highly-experienced Atlassian consulting services with a range of products and can provide full systems integration maximizing the premier Agile process and task management. 

Oxalis Estimation

Oxalis has created a revolutionary software garnered out of our experience working within the highly regulated industries, to completely transform the estimation process.

Our software provides increased collaboration, heightened visiblity, disaster recovery, and error notification functionality while producing smarter estimates with increased accuracy.

Created within a multi-user interface, our software promotes collaboration by allowing explicit functionally for users along with increased shareability. All users, across multiple teams and departments, can work on projects simultaneously with varying degrees of permissions, protecting your sensitive data while allowing access to subcontracts outside of your organization.

Final estimates have heightened accuracy due to the ability to compile past bids of similar work items to improve year over year estimation.

Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS)

Introducing’s government and commercial repair process management solution. A modern, purpose-built, and easy-to-use ship repair management system that will allow shipyards to meet the present-day challenges resulting from increased workload and requirements.

Managing paperwork and customer deliverables by shipyards often seems to take as much effort as the “actual” work. Oxalis Shipyard systems makes your standard processes digital, easy and integrated – saving time and effort, improving customer communications, and increasing revenue-adding changes. Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) not only digitizes previously manual and paper based process, but also opens the doors for remote and online collaboration.

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