Oxalis has developed an understanding of company-specific insights through our experience within the software consulting field.

We have discovered unmet needs across various industries, for organizations of different sizes with various requirements for security and functionality. We have developed our own unique product offerings which help to elevate many different fundamental processes for multiple organizations.

estimation screen

Estimation Application

Oxalis has created a revolutionary software garnered out of our experience working within the highly regulated industries, to completely transform the estimation process.

Our software provides increased collaboration, heightened visiblity, disaster recovery, and error notification functionality while producing smarter estimates with increased accuracy.

Created within a multi-user interface, our software promotes collaboration by allowing explicit functionally for users along with increased shareability. All users, across multiple teams and departments, can work on projects simultaneously with varying degrees of permissions, protecting your sensitive data while allowing access to subcontracts outside of your organization.

Final estimates have heightened accuracy due to the ability to compile past bids of similar work items to improve year over year estimation.

Description Builder

We developed a sophisticated platform designed to help implement simple automation into workflows.

The Description Builder utilizes a database of an organization’s typical materials used and creates a formalized description of parts based on designs created by team engineers.

This will help to more efficiently and easily begin the production process, expediting workflows while limiting the number of resources underutilized.

Task Builder

Task Builder

Oxalis has created a custom-built add-on for Google Sheet that will allow you to automate tedious steps within complicated workflows.

Oxalis Task Builder allows admins to group together tasks as one single step in the workflow process, these will then be correlated within a “Results” tap within the specific Google Sheet.

This allows you to replicate complex subtasks to be repeated throughout given rows within a sheet, saving you time from duplicating tedious and often numerous data points.

This software is currently available within Google Sheets as a free add on to help expedite and eliminate pain points.

Oxalis provides the tools your team actually wants to use.

Understand how you can transform processes within your organization by utilizing our elevated offerings within simple implementations.

Want to learn how easy it can be for your teams?

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