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Oxalis provides the exact functionality you need to lead your teams to success, having developed a variety of configurations for the Maritime and the Federal Contracting space. These configurations optimize once difficult manual form and workflow processes saving larger organizations millions of dollars in overhead and ultimately speeding collaboration and performance with their end customers. Possessing an in-depth understanding of industry-specific insights within highly regulated industries, Oxalis provides the tools your team members want to use while providing specific requirements to help expedite progress with increased accuracy.


Rooted in experience working with companies focused on ship repair and production, we understand the needs that those in the maritime industry face. Whether you are a national brand, or a small repair company, we have seen common problems that the industry faces, and have developed core competency around strategies and technologies that focus on the industry. We have experience working with various stakeholders surrounding maritime organizations, and understand the compliance and regulatory standards that maritime organizations must adhere to.


As an Agile solution partner, Oxalis enables clients in the ever-changing Aerospace Industry. By understanding common problems and key compliance measures that face the Aerospace industry, and adapting to client needs in a constantly evolving industry, Oxalis provides strategic technology solutions for Aerospace leaders, large and small.


Is your business unit stuck managing work orders on spreadsheets? Do you struggle creating estimates for upcoming work, and tracking towards completion of ongoing projects?

Oxalis has developed comprehensive solutions built on Jira Service Desk and Jira Core to allow customers to workflow, control, and status document collaboration and revision flows with multiple parties engaging. We leverage the software to effectively communicate and provide the right level of data to the right user at the right time. Leveraging the queue views, dashboards, and reporting features of the platform has allowed for us to quickly deploy and operate this solution for our business engineering clientele, 10 or more sub contracting partners, multiple end customer entities, with 20-30 various types of documents tracked across engineering teams with compliance and audibility.

We understand the complexity of creating estimates, and the simplicity that time-constrained employees desire.


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