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Oxalis can help you with complex Data Center scenarios. Whether you need to consolidate internal instances, merge newly acquired instances, migrate from Cloud, or whatever your business case is, we have the expertise to achieve a seamless transition.

Our expert consultants specialize in both high-compliance businesses and managing large-scale mergers and consolidations, taking into account cultural changes and technical challenges. If you’re using Data Center and find yourself in a situation like one of the following, we can help.

  • You’ve got multiple DC instances you want to consolidate to a central DC.
  • You’ve been using Cloud, but your requirements have changed – or maybe you’ve grown – so you need to migrate to DC.
  • You’ve acquired another organization with one or more Server or DC instances, and you need to integrate them into your existing DC instance(s) – or consolidate them in a new DC instance.
  • You’re hosting your own DC, but want to stay on DC and move it to cloud-hosted (e.g. to reduce maintenance and operations).
  • You’ve got one or more Server instances and can’t move to Cloud, so you need to migrate to a DC (existing or new) before Server reaches EOL in February 2024.

Data Center Services

The Ultimate Guide to Atlassian Data Center

Get your copy of the Ultimate Guide to Atlassian Data Center below. What’s Inside?

  • In-depth exploration of Atlassian Data Center’s cutting-edge products
  • Answer questions like: Why does your team need to move to Data Center? What does your team need to to move to Data Center?
  • Expert insights and best practices for enterprise grade solutions to scale, perform, and grow.

What Clients Say About Oxalis

“The engineering teams saw improvements in cycle times with a median cycle time of 24 hours for bugs and under 5 days for stories.” – James Cadena, Director of Information Security at Sana Benefits
“Oxalis, you’ve been nothing short of top-notch from a level of professionalism to a trusted Atlassian advisor, to a well organized project team with great communication, and especially down to your personable, responsive project team members” – Director of Program Management at Cambia Health Systems
“We trusted Oxalis as experts, so we were able to come together, filter out the noise, and collaborate on solving the truly hard problems” – David Torgerson, VP of Infrastructure and IT at Lucid

Services Approaches & Models

There’s more to Data Center migrations than just the work itself. We can take a variety of approaches to the work, and apply different service models.

Merge Paths

There are a number of approaches to Atlassian Data Center migration, including:

  • Same but under one roof – Everyone keeps their fields/workflows/processes, just in a different network location
  • Process consolidation – Move people to one unified process (which we can help define)
  • Consolidating non-Atlassian tools to Atlassian – e.g. GitHub to Bitbucket

Service Models

Likewise, we can adopt a variety of service models to meet your needs, including:

  • Discrete one-time project
  • MSA driven ad hoc projects as Preferred Vendor
  • T & M consulting with reserved capacity via Preferred Vendor

Data Center Plans

Atlassian offers only annual plans for Data Center products, with the price based on the number of users. Here is a sample of annual licensing cost for the maximum number of users allowed by the product’s Enterprise Cloud plan (i.e. the point at which growth could force moving to Data Center):

  • Jira Software at 35,000 users: $20.14 per user
  • Jira Service Management at 10,000 agents: $46.33 per agent
  • Confluence at 50,000 users: $9.25

Data Center pricing gets better the more users you have, since the annual cost caps out at, for instance, 50,001 Jira Software users – beyond that point, 100,000 users costs the same.

In addition to Atlassian Data Center migration, Oxalis can help you acquire and manage Atlassian licenses.

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Atlassian Data Center migration services help you take full advantage of Data Center’s advantages for large and/or high-compliance organizations – especially when you’re facing the complexities of consolidating and merging instances after M&A.

Atlassian recognizes that – while their Cloud platform has been steadily improving its support for large and/or high-compliance organizations, by expanding the user load they support and meeting more compliance requirements – some organizations need Data Center.

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