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Deep Experience and Robust Methodology

When it comes to consultants, you need two forms of experience: the experience of solving technology problems at scale, and the experience of working in your industry. We’ve been doing this for decades.

You also need confidence in the consulting methodology we use, so here’s an overview.


We will take the time to understand not only your current state and the future state you desire, but the technology you’re using, the people who are using it, and the processes it’s used for. In doing this, we ensure that the new solution is both one that employees know how to use, and one that fits with the way they actually work. Just implementing a solution is never good enough – it has to work as intended.

Our thorough analysis of your current and future states will expose the gaps in people, process and technology necessary to create a road map to the solution that meets the challenge you face.

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Development / Implementation

When the assessment is complete, we’ll work with you to implement the agreed-upon road map, whether that’s setting up an off-the-shelf product or developing a custom solution. Working with you is vital to achieving a sustainable result.

If the assessment phase indicated that custom product development is the answer, our experienced software product development team will go through the full development process. This will produce a secure, scalable, sustainable, extensible solution that integrates work both horizontally and vertically, providing agility and visibility across the organization

And custom development isn’t a side gig for us – it’s a core part of what we do. We’ve developed several ground-breaking platforms, Oxalis Advanced Estimation and Oxalis Ship Repair System, that have provided transformative experiences for our customers.

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We can hand over your newly rolled-out solution to you, with documentation and support processes ready to go, or we can stay with you through the solution’s life cycle. We also offer sustainment as a stand-alone service we can provide for your existing systems.

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