The Value of Post-Migration Services to IT and Business Teams

Posted on 12.26.2023
Written by Blanca Vazquez

Atlassian’s cloud products boost teamwork, aid software development, and enhance organizational agility. Oxalis as your trusted Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner is, here to assist you in choosing the right tools and guide your seamless transition to Atlassian Cloud. While it’s common for companies to conclude their collaboration with a Solution Partner after a Cloud migration, Oxalis offers extensive post-project support, ensuring ongoing value for organizations well beyond the implementation or migration phase. Keep reading to discover the services we offer post-migration and the lasting benefits they bring.

Utilizing Oxalis’ post-migration Services to your benefit


Although most migration processes incorporate initial training, the demand for ongoing product training remains relevant beyond the initial weeks or months. Apart from mastering the fundamentals of Atlassian products, there are numerous aspects you must understand to fully optimize your integrations and product suite. Collaborating with a Solution Partner such as Oxalis brings expertise in developing customized training programs to align your business and IT teams with organizational goals, while optimizing your Atlassian suite capabilities.

Extra training sessions offer substantial benefits to your teams, particularly in three key areas: Firstly, they facilitate the adoption of best practices by introducing employees to new tool features and guiding them towards optimizing their utilization. Secondly, these sessions leverage product optimization resources, utilizing Atlassian tools to provide answers, automate processes, and optimize workflows, thereby enhancing your stack’s efficiency. Lastly, they focus on bolstering change management processes by creating tailored materials for onboarding and training new employees, ensuring a smoother transition and improved operational effectiveness.

Beyond the mentioned support, Oxalis offers valuable expertise to your teams and organization. With our specialized skills and subject matter experts, we enhance your understanding of Atlassian products. During training, your business and IT teams can seek guidance and address concerns within your organizational context. Collaborating with Oxalis as a certified Atlassian Solution Partner is particularly beneficial as it bridges the expertise gap that many organizations may lack in-house, enabling better utilization of Atlassian tools.

Revamping Workflow Processes

As your business evolves, your teams may incorporate new tools like Jira Work Management or adopt IT Service Management (ITSM) and ITIL practices. If your organization has recently transitioned to Atlassian Cloud, this change may necessitate adjustments in your development processes. New tools often require new workflows, and our expertise can guide you in streamlining these changes. Oxalis not only possesses a comprehensive understanding of the Atlassian product suite but also have expertise in harnessing Atlassian Cloud’s capabilities to align with your business objectives. We offer valuable insights into enhancing workflow efficiency by seamlessly integrating Cloud-specific products into your tech stack.

Enhancing Implementation Efficiency

Optimization is essential, offering opportunities to enhance existing processes and maximize effectiveness within your Atlassian Cloud setup, even without major workflow changes or new tool implementations. Optimization involves addressing overlooked opportunities, automating manual processes, and leveraging new features for improved performance. Our analysis of your Atlassian Cloud usage helps enhance workflows, increase productivity for your business and IT teams, and gain valuable insights into your business’s performance.

Common optimization opportunities often include streamlining workflows by integrating automation to minimize manual tasks and eradicate redundant data entry steps. Tailoring solutions involves customizing tools and adjusting system architecture to better synchronize with workflows and business practices. Additionally, simplification of workflows entails reducing complexity by eliminating redundancies and intricate structures that might impede product delivery timelines and hinder overall business processes.

This effort can optimize your Atlassian Cloud setup, prioritizing enhancements that deliver significant efficiency gains while incurring minimal change-related costs.

Continuous Assistance

After migrating to Atlassian Cloud, ongoing support and maintenance are essential, including application and data management, security, compliance, and incident preparedness. However, these tasks can be resource-intensive and divert focus from core organizational goals, especially when organizations lack the expertise to handle them. Partnering with a Solution Provider like Oxalis offers expert assistance in application security, compliance, data health, and incident support, reducing the need to hire and train specialized staff and enabling you to access resources as needed.

Our support options encompass conducting security and compliance audits to ensure adherence to standards and secure environments. We also specialize in investigating and resolving complex incidents promptly for swift issue resolution. Furthermore, we provide expertise in planning and implementing changes to prevent disruptions and maintain operational continuity.

Collaborating with a Solution Partner like Oxalis guarantees long-term benefits for your IT and business teams and the entire organization following your migration to Atlassian Cloud.

Oxalis is your partner for a seamless cloud transition

Oxalis provides extensive expertise and ongoing support for organizations, even post-migration to Atlassian Cloud. We offer a wide array of post-integration services aimed at maximizing your cloud investment’s long-term benefits. Our role includes customized training, workflow enhancements, optimization, infrastructure maintenance, security, scaling, product configuration, and more. When evaluating improvements to your environment and support, consider the value offered by a Solution Partner such as Oxalis dedicated to making your Atlassian Cloud implementation the best it can be.

Unlock the true value of post-migration services with Oxalis. Explore how our comprehensive solutions streamline your transition, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and sustained success in your migration journey

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