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Oxalis is a technology consulting firm founded in the Pacific Northwest, offering senior-level advisory to all aspects of your organization.

We provide advisory, consulting and technical services to the public and private sectors. We design, implement and deploy managed technology solutions tailored to your specific requirements, using an Agile approach to deploy on your terms.

Our deep experience and uncommon perspective results from a background in working with many of the world’s most respected brands, and most demanding clients. These include Deloitte Consulting, Nike, L3, Verizon, Toyota, Chevron and many more. Blending experience and passion with innovative practices, our Agile approach allows us to holistically solve problems with solutions aligned with clients’ strategic objectives.


Our Agile approach enables us to deliver iteratively and prove value quickly, and effectively. We have experience in building fully compliant (NIST, PCI, HIPAA) systems for Federal contractors. Our experience and Agile approach allow us to meet both the business and compliance needs with integrated products/services.

We provide a range of technology services, including AWS development, JIRA implementation, scalable customized web applications, and managed technical services.

  • We quickly prove value and deliver iteratively
  • Our solutions are designed with the end-user in mind, always
  • We create battle-test results in less time, at lower cost
  • Our solutions are tailored to thrive in your ecosystem, not just to stand-alone
  • We ensure the longevity of our solutions, centered around your future roadmaps
  • Security is always our top concern, especially when sensitive data is in play


Interested in joining our growing team of professionals?

You’ll be on the front line helping companies transform how they work and deliver on their mission. You’ll be part of a passionate team of self-starters, innovators and doers. No project or day is the same as we work to provide best in class products and solutions. Your day may involve any or all of the following:

  • Helping shipyards modernize their processes by moving them online and into the cloud while meeting the Naval security requirements
  • Enabling collaboration at a healthcare company by moving them from a patchwork system of self-hosted Atlassian solutions to a unified cloud environment
  • Building and supporting our expanding product line of innovative SaaS offerings

The following opportunities are currently open! Please follow the link to view the job posting and to apply today:


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