Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS)
Never miss a required report, condition found report deadline, inspection Item, or customer response. OSRS reduces errors, making your team more efficient.


Introducing Oxalis.io’s government and commercial repair process management solution. A modern, purpose-built, and easy-to-use ship maintenance repair operations software that will allow shipyards to meet the present-day challenges resulting from increased workload and requirements.

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section icon services Paper and Off-System, When Needed

We get it – being a leader means continuing to work with people still behind the curve. Our system improves those processes and communications.

Automatic PDF generation and emails

Upload & Attached scanned documents

Your forms, just automated

section icon services Manage with Visibility

With many moving parts, having a single dashboard view into the status of all these processes lets PM’s manage effectively and stop chasing people down for status updates.

Never miss a required report

Understand what’s in flight from a single dashboard

Establish SLA’s for responses and get notified when they aren’t met

section icon services Security

We understand what it means to work on projects with compliance requirements and have build security into the core of the application.

Traceability & Auditing

Multi-Factor Authentication

Least-privilege access

Security compliance: 800-171, DFARS 7012

AD/Ldap integration

section icon services A Growing System

For subscription customers, we’re continuing to develop and make improvements that you’ll get included. We’re excited about what becomes possible when all your data across all projects is in one place.


Condition Found Reports

Easily create & collaborate around CFRs 

Enable CFR approval workflows

Customize CFR reports and exports

icon option Status

Easily create, status and collaborate around CFRs, with advanced approval workflows, searching and reporting. Enable any user, internal or external, to create a CFR via a guided form, that can be reviewed and approved by the project team, with the ability to request revisions or more information. Speed up your CFR processing time by automatically assigning the proper Approvers, depending on the Work Spec, ensuring accuracy and completion before NMD submittal. 

icon option TEAM

Work with your team on ensuring CFRs are accurate and ready for submission to NMD with Comments, Notifications, and Permissions. Stop wasting time searching for incomplete or answered CFRs. With easy filtering and customizable reports and exports, your teams will have all relevant information at their fingertips.


Test Inspection Plans

Import and export the TIP 

Schedule checkpoints

Submit required reports

icon option Schedule checkpoints

Get away from Excel with the ability to schedule checkpoints, submit required reports, and import/export the TIP. Import historic projects, or use a template to import a TIP prior to project start. Export the TIP in a templated format that matches your current process. Quickly and easily find the items you need, save your most useful searches, and export filtered items for reporting.


Required Reports

Generate regular Government required reports

Streamline process while meeting NMD requirements

Enable enhanced traceability and automatic status updates

icon option Export templates

Easily export the TIP in your templated format to generate regular required reports for the Government. Streamline your required report process, while following the required NMD process, by creating a CFR directly from the TIP for submission. This allows for enhanced traceability and automatic status updates


Checkpoint Callouts

Quickly & easily schedule a checkpoint 

Automatically send a callout notification

Systematically generate a mandated QCI-004 form

icon option automatization

Reduce manual data entry, form creation, and email correspondence. Quickly and easily schedule a checkpoint, automatically sending a callout notification to internal and customer recipients. Additionally, our system automatically generates the Government mandated QCI-004 form and attaches it to the Callout so all bodies can review prior to the inspection.


Subcontractor Portal

Enable subcontractors to create and view CFRs

Allows project team to review and approve before submittal

Send contractors automatic status updates

icon option Portal

Enable your Subcontractors to create and view CFRs with a limited interface, allowing the project team to review and approve before submittal. Contractors can create CFRs for review and approval by the project team directly from an external portal, eliminating the need for email correspondence and translation. Contractors automatically receive status updates to stay up to date with their CFRs, and can add Comments or Attachments for reference after creation. 

Contractors can only view CFRs that they or others in their Organization have created, and are presented with a simple view, only including the most relevant fields. Multi-factor authentication ensures that only the individual contractors who have been provisioned accounts can login and access this external portal.


Government Integration

Automatically submit your CFRs to NMD

Get live feedback of status and Government response

Reduce errors and manual entry

icon option Live feedback

Automatically Submit your CFRs to NMD and get live feedback of the status and Government Response. From our CFR management system, submit CFRs directly into NMD with our live interface, eliminating the need for your team to routinely access this system. Automatically receive status updates to stay up to date with your CFRs, with email notifications when errors occur or revisions are requested.


After submission, a countdown to track response time against contractual agreements begins, and the Government Response is populated into the system with status changes. All relevant fields and attachments are tracked in the system, and sent directly to NMD, reducing error and manual entry, and ensuring your CFRs are received.


Built-in SLA (Time Tracking)

Track time throughout the process

Get notifications of breech

Reduce fines for not meeting contractual timing commitments

icon option Perfect timing

Keep your customers and your team honest. Built in SLA tracking (Service level agreements)s allow timers to be configured when you change statuses, data is filled in, CFRs sent to a customer, and many more. Notifications on breech are built in so you can take action and quickly resolve. No more fines for not meeting contractual timing commitments! This is a big deal.

Comparison Table Commercial Government
CFR checkmark icon checkmark icon
TIP (Callouts, checkpoints) checkmark icon checkmark icon
Collaboration tools / Notifications checkmark icon checkmark icon
File Attachments checkmark icon checkmark icon
Full Audit Trail checkmark icon checkmark icon
Queues checkmark icon checkmark icon
Sub Contractor Portal (submission and response) checkmark icon checkmark icon
Customer Portal (for approvals) checkmark icon checkmark icon
Required Reports checkmark icon checkmark icon
Import / Export checkmark icon checkmark icon
Government (NMD) Integration CFR close icon checkmark icon
NIST/ ITAR Compliant Hosting close icon checkmark icon
Dedicated Monitoring and Project Support close icon checkmark icon