Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS)

An efficient and innovative solution that serves your mission for fleet maintenance and readiness.

How can the Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) help you?

Oxalis Ship Repair System is a force multiplier. Shipyards that use OSRS see the immediate impact of a centralized, organized system. Our ship repair operations software harvests and utilizes your data to optimize and streamline maintenance and repair operations. Track progress from a high-to-granular level while communicating with everyone from project managers to subcontractors through the program’s platform.

Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) Characteristics

Purpose-built in tandem with some of the country’s most advanced shipyards, the Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) shipyard maintenance software meets requirements while improving operations.

Paper and Off-System, When Needed

We get it. Being a leader means continuing to work with organizations still behind the curve. The Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) improves those processes and communications.

  • Automatic PDF generation and emails
  • Upload & Attached scanned documents
  • Your forms, digital and automated

Manage with Visibility

With many moving parts, having a single dashboard view into the status of all these processes lets PMs manage effectively and stop chasing people down for status updates during ship repair and maintenance.

  • Never miss a required report
  • Understand what’s in flight from a single dashboard
  • Establish SLAs for responses and get notified when they aren’t met


We understand what it means to work on projects with compliance requirements and have built security into the core of the application.

  • Traceability & Auditing
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Least-privilege access
  • Security compliance: 800-171, DFARS 7012
  • AD/Ldap integration

Get Your Copy: Oxalis Ship Repair System

OSRS stands as an advanced and innovative ship repair solution, dedicated to fulfilling your fleet maintenance and readiness mission with unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

OSRS details

A growing system

For subscription customers, we continue to develop and make improvements that you’ll get included. We’re excited about what becomes possible when all your data across all projects are in one place.

Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) Features

Comparison TableCommercialGovernment
TIP (Callouts, checkpoints)chekinchekin
Collaboration tools / Notificationschekinchekin
File Attachmentschekinchekin
Full Audit Trailchekinchekin
Sub Contractor Portal (submission and response)chekinchekin
Customer Portal (for approvals)chekinchekin
Required Reportschekinchekin
Import / Exportchekinchekin
Government (NMD) Integration CFRcrosschekin
Government (NMD) Integration TIPcrosschekin
NIST/ ITAR Compliant Hostingcrosschekin
Dedicated Monitoring and Project Supportcrosschekin

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