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The Oxalis methodology ensures that constant, Agile solutions are always available for the manufacturing industry. No matter the current size of your company, we will work with you to grow and scale.

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The manufacturing industry faces unique challenges everyday. Oxalis’s insight into the manufacturing industry allows us to elevate our offerings to meet your unique needs and requirements, based on industry-specific pain points.

With Oxalis, you can expect: 

  • Service and solutions that understand manufacturing process and fulfilment challenges
  • Deep understanding of work order, assemblies, and engineering to order requirements
  • Best practice for fulfilment and delivery of manufactured goods
  • Engineering collaboration best practices

We know that both the industry and those within it move at a fast pace. There is little time to stumble around crowded and complex interfaces of an application that is intended to help, but ends up getting in the way. These platforms either waste the employees’ time or lead them to avoid the application; we provide tools your teams want to use because we design for the end user.

How Oxalis Can Help

Manufacturing is all about scale and efficiency. Oxalis is skilled in implementing systems that allow for operational excellence and enhancements. These systems are the cornerstone of effective workflows, repeatable processes, and interdisciplinary team collaboration to manufacture and fulfill your product line.

Growth is all about adapting to change and enabling new business lines or products to be built and deployed to market. With Oxalis, we bring simple but powerful systems to address challenges modern manufacturers are facing.

Oxalis team members possess several decades of professional technology consulting and service in the manufacturing industry. Our knowledge on best practice technology strategy and systems is garnered from serving a Fortune 500 client base.


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