The Oxalis team has experience working for widely respected enterprise manufacturing brands, as well as growing / niche organizations, and have consistently seen problems that the industry faces.

Common Concerns

We have seen many common problems that organizations in this industry face, and have implemented solutions to combat a variety of use-cases.

In a highly competitive industry, there are often strategic concerns of:

  • Global price uncertainty

  • Rapidly changing supply chains

In addition, organization leaders are often concerned with:

  • Utilization of machines and employees
  • Effectively managing staffing

We know that the industry, and those within it, move at a fast pace, and don’t have time to stumble around a crowded and complex interface of an application that is intended to help, as this either wastes the employees time, or leads them to avoid use of the application.

How Oxalis Can Help

We take an Agile, iterative, and product management focused approach to every problem, which ensures that we find a solution fast, and work with your team to implement a tool designed to help you work now, and in the future. With smarter and responsive U/I, applications that are fit to your team, and the expertise to handle tough transitions, Oxalis works quickly to get your business moving efficiently.

We have experience working for Manufacturing firms that produce a broad line of products, helping to enable collaboration between teams and ensure compliance by all. We also understand niche use-cases, where a team requires a specific solution. In both cases, we take a structured and vetted approach, taking your needs into consideration at every step.


Vigor Marine

General Manager

“As our Company started to do larger projects, we realized data base solutions for specialized business correspondence were essential. We expected this process to take up to 9 months before we had a workable solution implemented on a project. We are very happy to say that working with, we had a working application on a critical project within two months that will potentially save us tens of thousands of hours a year. did an excellent job of leading us through the process, such that our needs were known and met. The leadership of this company provides exceptional service and quick turn-around of changes as our software solution was built. I can sincerely give my enthusiastic endorsement and praise.”


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