[Case Study] How Oxalis Propelled Starfish Space’s Mission for Off-World Expansion

Posted on 06.14.2023
Written by Blanca Vazquez

The Challenge

Starfish Space, a visionary aerospace startup, is pioneering autonomous satellite servicing to unlock a boundless off-world economy. Their mission faced several challenges:

  • Disconnected DevOps teams: Collaboration was essential for rapid innovation.
  • Rapid scaling: Their growth required adaptable technology solutions.
  • ITAR compliance: Strict regulations mandated secure hosting.
  • Unreliable software environment: Stability was crucial for mission-critical work.

Our Approach

Oxalis, specialists in secure DevOps solutions, partnered with Starfish Space to implement a transformative ITAR-compliant environment:

  • Deep Analysis: We meticulously analyzed existing security, tools, and processes.
  • AWS GovCloud: Ideal for Starfish Space’s needs, ensuring compliance and scalability.
  • Atlassian Suite: Tailored Jira Software, Confluence, and GitLab for secure collaboration and code management.
  • Ongoing Support: Training, security monitoring, maintenance, operations, and data management ensured peak performance.

What Starfish Space says about Oxalis

“When we sought out a trusted partner for DevOps platforms and hosting under heavy compliance for Aerospace, we found Oxalis. During our most uncertain times as a space startup, Oxalis’s commitment to us and ultimate belief in our business never wavered and has been demonstrated countless times.

We have now realized our product vision and are rapidly expanding, and Oxalis was there for the entire journey. I can recommend this company without hesitation and look forward to working with them on future technology projects.”


The Outcome

  • ITAR-compliant Success: Secure, robust Atlassian Data Center and GitLab in AWS GovCloud.
  • Scalability Achieved: Environment handled a 100%+ user increase with ease.
  • Mission-Critical Reliability: Regular maintenance windows keep systems up-to-date and protected.
  • True Partnership: Deep collaboration on security, DevSecOps, data, and knowledge management fuels Starfish Space’s growth.

Services Provided

  • ITAR-compliant Jira Software, Confluence, and GitLab in AWS
  • Security, maintenance, and data management advisory
  • Secure, expandable, unified environment
  • Enterprise-level service management

About Starfish Space

Starfish Space is a pioneering aerospace company at the forefront of cutting-edge space exploration. Their mission is to redefine the boundaries of human reach, utilizing innovative technologies and strategic collaborations to unlock new frontiers.

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