[Case Study] Oxalis Drives Scalable Project Management for California’s Healthcare Leader

Posted on 07.21.2023
Written by Blanca Vazquez

The Challenge

The California Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) Medi-Cal Enterprise Systems Modernization (MESMD) team began using Jira Software and Confluence Cloud organically for agile software development and work management. The MESMD group has been highly successful on this platform and as a result, there was a desire to implement the Atlassian suite more broadly across the agency.

Before expanding DHCS’ Atlassian footprint, there was a need to ensure current access and permission schemas were aligned with DHCS policy and able to scale across the agency. In addition, there was a need for stronger project templates, training and onboarding services for less mature teams to be able to effectively begin using the best-in-class suite of tools.

Oxalis’ Approach

Oxalis assessed their situation by performing a Current & Future State Analysis, which included multiple virtual stakeholder interviews. Once our team created the system design and implementation plan, Oxalis began to support the continued expansion and adoption of Atlassian products for DHCS teams. Oxalis executed on the following in to increase adoption of Atlassian products across the organization:

  • Designed and implemented a standard permission scheme, ensuring proper user access to agency data for employees and contractors.
  • Developed and delivered customized training documentation and instructor led sessions.
  • Trained and onboarded all project teams into Jira to provide consistent project management and reporting tools.
  • Designed project templates to encourage standard usage across varied types of project teams (including scrum, hybrid and waterfall, for both technical and business teams).
  • Implemented an enterprise hierarchy and reporting to provide portfolio visibility and allow for synchronized project management across the organization.

Once all teams adopted the product, Oxalis’ supported:

  • Created a Community of Practice to facilitate information sharing, problem solving and best practice discussions as user-community.
  • Optimized existing configuration to reduce tech debt and increase user efficiency.
  • Charted the organization’s Project and Portfolio Management Maturity Model to set the path for continued improvement.

The Outcome

Oxalis designed and implemented an enterprise hierarchy, allowing all projects to roll up to a common portfolio-based reporting structure. Standardization and tailored project configurations helped to expedite the onboarding of over 500 users across 75 projects throughout 5 divisions of the organization, while increasing visibility for leadership teams.

Oxalis supported the change management of standard operating procedures including end-user training, awareness communications and post-implementation support to consolidate all project management activities within the Atlassian suite. The robust onboarding process established by Oxalis continues to be used to extend product adoption throughout the organization while greatly decreasing the turnaround time for new users and projects to begin working in Atlassian systems.

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Management
  • Training & Documentation
  • Jira Software (JSW)
  • Confluence

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