[Case Study] A Non-Profit Company: Enabling Efficiency and Expansion with Atlassian Integration

Posted on 08.11.2023
Written by Blanca Vazquez

The Challenge

A non profit company is striving to offer sustainable solution to the systemic challenges the world is facing though agricultural innovations.

  • They are unable to grow and scale with a ​small team and limited tools​.
  • Trying to manage facilities, HR, security, onboarding, and large events​ is unsustainable, time-consuming manual work for the current staff.
  • They are looking to improve integration and streamline request management while maintaining a high-touch service approach.

Our Approach

Through observations of their work, email communication, and conducted phone interviews over the course of 6+ months, Oxalis gained valuable insights into their processes and identified opportunities to help their teams reduce tedious manual work. ​

We built out multiple solutions options in demo environments. This allowed us to map out their current processes and construct a customized system. We determined that Jira Service Management (JSM) and Confluence set up in a Unified Atlassian system would meet their needs. Next, we set up “self-service documentation” and tested the system to ensure accuracy. ​​

Finally, we provided hands-on, instructor-led training to their HR and Operations teams to ensure a successful implementation and adoption of the solution.

“Oxalis successfully eliminated administrative tasks for our Senior Operations Manager, resulting in a remarkable time savings of over 10 hours per week. This significant reduction in workload empowered her to fully dedicate her attention and expertise to her core responsibilities.”

The Outcome

  • Achieved Unified Atlassian system for streamlined operations for HR and their Operations teams.
  • ​Improved management and responsiveness to requests, saving time and increasing efficiency.​
  • Enhanced internal support while maintaining a fast and efficient user experience.
  • Established foundation for future growth and expansion. They are now able to grow their team. ​
  • Reduced operational headaches, ensured data capture, and freed up resources for impactful work.​
  • Eliminated the risk of lost data due to email communication and prevented knowledge from being lost.

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