Lack of U.S. Warship Repair Capacity Worrying Navy—USNI News

In an article published by USNI News, the Navy is reportedly concerned about a lack of warship repair capacity.

From the article:

“A deficit of ship repair capacity and an expected change in the Navy’s needs for large combatants versus smaller ones may force the entire industry to rethink their roles in construction and maintenance work going forward,” the article reported.

With most ship repair systems being operated through Excel, industry-standard operations are time intensive, complicated, and prone to inaccuracy. As the Navy’s fear comes closer to realization, the maritime industry will look for ways to improve their efficiencies and reduce steps in the process to get the fleet back on the water.

Between’s OSRS and Estimation software, we have the solutions. By streamlining workflow from top to bottom, Oxalis ensures that each ship yard is running more efficiently in less time with fewer errors. We hear the Navy’s concern, and want to ensure it never becomes a reality.

Read the full story by journalist Megan Eckstein HERE.


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