5 Ways Oxalis Advanced Estimation v1.9.0 Makes Estimating Even Easier!

Posted on 09.27.2023
Written by Blanca Vazquez

We are delighted to announce the release of Oxalis Advanced Estimation v1.9.0! A substantial update, we’ve implemented essential foundational infrastructure changes and included several valuable enhancements designed to improve the estimator experience.

New Features

Date Column Type

To increase the flexibility of the information captured during estimation, we’ve added a new column type: Date

To start using date columns, just add a new column (and/or section) and set the column type to “Date”.

Date Column Type: Oxalis Advanced Estimation

This enables you do useful things, such as adding start and end dates, which would be helpful if, for example, you’re building out project plans during estimation and want to add in expected schedules. This will continue to evolve, and will support more advanced scheduling scenarios.

Fully Selectable Columns

Are you only working on internal work required? Hide all subcontractor and materials columns. Just looking at start/end dates using the new date column type? Hide everything else.

With the Filter Columns option, you can now exercise precise control over displayed columns, so your screen isn’t cluttered with columns or data you don’t use. This addition also sets the stage for future display improvements.

Oxalis Advanced Estimation v1.9.0- Fully Selectable columns

Improved Authentication

The same admin system that has handled authentication and user federation now includes management of global user permissions and roles. If you’re an admin, you can now use the User Management option in your user menu.

Oxalis Advanced Estimation v1.9.0 - improved authentication

Among other things, this lets you grant global permissions as soon as you add the user – without requiring them to login. It also allows for managing global permissions within a connected user directory (e.g. Active Directory) if desired.

Export Improvements

  1. Numeric precision: All numbers are now exported as numbers rather than strings, so your formulas and calculations can work reliably.
  2. Clarity in exports: Exported files now include the project’s URL on the first page, making it easier to distinguish among multiple similar Excel files. No more confusion when preparing a number of bids.
  3. Streamlined grouping: Grouped line items are a powerful feature, but including them in exports created problems like double-counted totals, so we’ve refined exports to exclude group sums. Groups will continue to show sub-totals in app, but when exported the total will not show.
  4. Project-centric naming: Export files are now conveniently named after the associated project, enhancing organization and clarity.

UI Improvements

Card display shows due date rather than time left

This eliminates any potential ambiguity regarding the precise interpretation of “one day left.”

Oxalis Advanced Estimation v1.9.0 - Estimating

Project Information Always in Footer

For substantial work items, when you scroll down on the page and the header disappears, it can be easy to lose your focus on the project or item you have open. To address this, we’ve introduced a footer message that conveniently provides reference points for both the project and the work item

Ensuring the optimal functionality of OAE is paramount to our customers’ operations, and we remain dedicated to continuous improvement.

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