Custom Software Integration & Development Services

Oxalis provides custom software development services to better enable businesses to work more productively while saving time. Beyond our Amazon Web Services Consulting, and Jira Consulting Services, we have a depth of experience with custom software development services and integration.

Our Software Development Process:

Often times, our custom software development process begins with a consulting effort, analyzing your business, and describing the current state, discovering the future state, and defining a roadmap to get there.

After determining and vetting your business requirements, we move into an evaluation phase, scoring the top solution options that we discover.

After a deep but fast evaluation, we have discovered that in some situations, there is no one solution that offers a holistic and robust approach to cover the entire business need.

In these scenarios, Oxalis often shifts towards designing and developing a custom software solution that is tailored exactly to fit our client’s needs.

With every solution, we focus on the core framework:
People – Process – Technology

Working With Oxalis:

One of our biggest “wins” is to help clients’ teams work faster and smarter. Often times, this means reducing manual entry, helping to eliminate wasted production time, filling in required reports, sending status information to clients, and even compiling data manually. To enable businesses to work faster, saving valuable time in the process, we have developed various custom software integrations which allow vital business information to automatically sent to their customer. By turning hours of typing, into a single mouse click, we can free up your employees for higher utilization.

Whether it’s a small industrial need to enable streamlined work for a specific team, or an enterprise-level software tool, requiring robust integrations with a modern user-interface, Oxalis quickly scales. Our team is able to meet custom software development demand quickly, always taking on new projects with a product management focused mindset.



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