Maritime Technology Consulting Services

Streamline Operations, Enhance Security, and Conquer Industry Challenges

Rooted in extensive experience working with ship repair and production companies, Oxalis understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the maritime industry. Whether you’re a renowned national brand or a growing repair company, we’ve witnessed firsthand the common pain points that can hinder your success. Our expertise enables us to provide tailored technology solutions that empower your team, streamline operations, and drive growth.

Tackling Common Maritime Challenges:

We offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions for the following industry-specific challenges:

  • Condition Found Reports (CFRs): Streamline the reporting process, ensuring efficient communication and swift resolution of issues.
  • Test/Inspection Plans: Create and manage comprehensive plans for thorough and compliant inspections.
  • Groom Surveys: Simplify the survey process with digital tools that enhance accuracy and efficiency.
  • Preparing Estimates & Bids: Develop accurate estimates and competitive bids with our specialized software.
  • Engineering Document Collaboration: Foster seamless collaboration among engineering teams with secure,centralized document management.
  • Moving Work Tracking Off Spreadsheets: Eliminate manual processes and enhance visibility with robust project tracking tools.

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Security & Standards Expertise:

We understand the critical importance of adhering to stringent security measures, policies, and standards within the maritime industry. Our solutions are designed to not only meet but exceed these requirements, ensuring your operations remain compliant and secure.

Our expertise includes compliance with:

  • NIST 800-171
  • ITAR
  • CUI
  • FOUO

Transforming Ship Repair Operations:

Oxalis has developed a powerful configuration utilizing Jira Service Management (JSM), specifically tailored to the unique needs of ship repair. This solution streamlines form-based entry during service, enabling teams to efficiently report and track conditions found on assets. It provides a seamless approval process for end customers while ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Our JSM solution is currently supporting both commercial and government projects, with 300+ users across multiple contracting organizations and thousands of items tracked per project. The results speak for themselves: increased efficiency, significant cost savings, and substantial revenue growth.

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