Announcing Oxalis Advanced Estimation for Ship Repair Release v1.7

Posted on 08.02.2021
Written by Ross Marks

Preset Calculators, Calculator Rounding, Customizable Flags, and more in the Oxalis Advanced Estimation v1.7

Oxalis has officially announced version 1.7 of Oxalis Advanced Estimation, continuing to deliver on its promise to instill estimator formula knowledge in the system through preset calculators, and implementing enhancements based on user feedback.

Preset Calculators

Preset calculators allow estimating organizations to create, organize, and reuse sophisticated equations within their estimates. This helps speed up estimating, reduce errors, provide better insight into how estimates are calculated, and allow for faster on-boarding of new estimators.

Automatic Rounding in Manual Calculators

Since our release of manual calculators in v1.5.0, we’ve made improvements based on user feedback. By default, manual calculators now will round final results to two decimal places, retaining full precision under the hood.

Customizable Flags

Flags provide a way for estimators to call out and filter by Line Items that need to be noted for a particular reason. Now, administrators can customize the available flags at both the system and project levels, making it even easier to tailor the system to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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Oxalis Advanced Estimation is the modern system of choice for government contractors requiring scaled estimation with CMMC, DFARS, and CAS compliance, helping shipyards win more bids with speed and accuracy.

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