Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) Featured on MarineLink

Marine Link‘s Greg Trauthwein sat down with Oxalis Founder Jon Malanche and Director of Product Micah Waldstein on Marine Reporter TV to talk about Oxalis’s recent announcement surrounding Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) now including Test Inspection Plan (TIP) integration.

“Oxalis isn’t just a technology company, we are a service,” Jon says during the interview. “That service is helping you set up and integrate to your government or your commercial entities and make sure you’re successful for the life of your project.”

The conversation covered OSRS as a technology platform for the maritime industry designed to streamline the vast ship repair process, as well as the benefit of approaching current manual processes with a technology and data driven mindset (and more importantly, utilizing that data for streamlined efficiency). Greg, Jon, and Micah discussed the merits of OSRS—not only that it creates a more fluid and reactive system for ship repair, but also reduces potential errors caused by manual input to the Navy Maintenance Database (NMD), as required by FY21 009-04 requirements.

“Our customers are reporting that it’s saving them in resource time but countless hours in efficiency,” Jon said. “…and they are far more productive to the tune of tens of thousands of hours.”

Watch the Marine Reporter TV interview in its entirety below:


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