Business Technology Consulting Services

We provide business technology consulting services, developing a sustainable solution for clients across many industries.

The Oxalis Customer

Business Technology Consulting is a way to start improving your business. Our customer is a business leader considering a major IT system, but is afraid of any implementation rapidly becoming out of date. Perhaps they have an existing system they are tolerating (barely) or are continuing to use a shared spreadsheet with too many rows/tabs/users and is too customized to easily move to an off the shelf solution.

They are scared of being trapped in a semi-yearly
“Acquire – Learn – Tolerate – Avoid – Repeat” cycle.

The Oxalis Approach

Oxalis is a partner for agile infrastructure. With our business technology consulting services, we offer help in the following way:

  • Flexible Technologies: we choose modern platforms that support rapid change and low-cost iteration.
  • Build for the Future: with Product Management methodologies at our core, we build custom applications that exceed your expectations, with full feature sets and usability at the heart the solution.
  • Design for Change: we implement user needs in a manner that allows maximum flexibility, even later in the process. Based on our experience, we know how things may pivot in the future and prepare for it.
  • Ongoing Partner: due to an Agile framework, we continue to maintain systems through regularly scheduled sprints after (or during) every project or quarter, in order to keep the platform usable and enjoyable.


Technology-first strategies may work for some organizations, but for most, a strong understanding of the current state, the desired future state, and the requirements to get there is imperative. So how do we get there?

It starts with a business challenge. Our team moves quickly to define the current state and technology landscape. We then move to map the future state, by bringing our deep technology experience and expertise to the table. Viewing the necessary solution through a product management lens, allows us to focus on the core need and introduce user stories that truly enable our business partners.

Once we know where you are while understanding where you need to go, Oxalis will produce the roadmap to get there. In case you need help with technology services or Atlassian, feel free to contact us.


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