Atlassian Cloud Migration Webinar [ON-DEMAND]

Posted on 02.24.2022
Written by Blanca Vazquez

On February 24th, 2021, we held a webinar on Atlassian Cloud Migrations. Participants heard, how to successfully implement a migration strategy and avoid the common pitfalls of an Atlassian Cloud migration. Topics included:

  • [2:20] Atlassian Cloud Migration Introduction
  • [3:23] Overview of Migration Tooling
  • [5:11] Migration Planning
  • [9:16] Organizational path
  • [13:20] Lucid’s Cloud Case Study
  • [14:35] Testing your Migration Path
  • [20:02] Migration Execution
  • [23:25] Post – Migration Activities
  • [27:01] Summary
  • [30:01] Q&A Session

Did you miss the live version of our Atlassian Cloud Migration Webinar? Watch it On Demand now

Watch our Atlassian cloud migration webinar to learn more:

Should I migrate to Atlassian Cloud?

You should know that Atlassian will end the sale, installation, and support for server apps on Feb 15, 2024. By knowing this, it is important to be precocious about starting your product migration.

Atlassian and its Marketplace Partners won’t offer technical support for any issues, security updates, or bug fixes for critical issues.

Regular security updates are essential for safeguarding your business against threats and issues. By upgrading to the Atlassian cloud, you can benefit from ongoing support, regular security updates, and the latest features and functionality.

This will help you stay current and secure while ensuring that your Atlassian tools continue to meet your evolving needs

If you’re using Atlassian products, you may be wondering about migrating to the Atlassian Cloud. Atlassian Cloud offers a number of benefits, including increased flexibility, ascendable, and security. However, you may also have questions about Atlassian Cloud licensing and Atlassian license cost.

When considering a migration to the Atlassian Cloud, it’s important to understand the licensing model. Atlassian Cloud licensing is based on the number of users that need to access the Cloud platform. You need to figure out how many users you currently have and will need for your Cloud deployment.

Oxalis team can help make the process easier, and ensure a successful migration of your products and apps to the cloud. As an Atlassian Platinum partner our experience is valuable for all of our customers. With Oxalis, migrating to the cloud is a simple process.

There are several reasons why an Atlassian migration is a powerful idea for your teams:

  • Availability: Atlassian Cloud allows you to access your tools and data from anywhere
  •  Flexibility: Scale up or down as needed according to your team’s size
  • Automatic updates: Don’t need to worry about updating your tools or servers, Atlassian takes care of it for you.
  • Reduced maintenance: Moving to Atlassian Cloud can free up your IT team’s time and resources.
  • Cost savings: Atlassian Cloud can often be more cost effective than maintaining your own servers.

Atlassian plans

If you’re looking an Atlassian migration to cloud you should consider the Atlassian plans:

  • Free plan: There are limitations such as a limited number of users and storage capacity. You can use this as an initial trial period before make the move.
  • Standard plan: This is a paid subscription that offers additional features and functionality beyond the free plan
  • Premium plan: It is designed for larger organizations and teams that require more personalization and unlimited storage.

Note: Standard plan and Premium plan are month subscriptions.

A solution partner such as Oxalis can guide you across every step of the process in your cloud Atlassian migration.

Cloud: Marketplace apps

Atlassian Marketplace apps are add-ons that can be installed into your Atlassian tools, such as Jira, Confluence, or Bitbucket. These apps can provide additional functionality and personalization to your Atlassian tools, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs.

The Marketplace has available multiple apps. These apps cover a broad range of categories, including project management, reporting, automation, security, and integrations with other tools.

How can Oxalis help me with my Atlassian products?

Oxalis offers Atlassian Professional Services. We can run your migration from server or data center to cloud. For example, in just 30 days, we migrated Lucid Software.

We’re a team of experts dedicated to helping organizations get the most out of Atlassian products. These services help businesses improve their workflows, optimize their Atlassian tools, and enhance collaboration and productivity.

They include cloud transformation, consulting, training, Atlassian license management, and Atlassian managed services.

The main benefit of Oxalis’ Atlassian Professional Services is the ability to customize your Atlassian tools to meet your specific needs. Our Atlassian consultants can work with you to understand your workflows and processes. Atlassian consultants can help with tool migrations, data migrations, and integrations with other systems. Additionally, our team offers Atlassian migration support at every stage of the process.

Our Atlassian Professional Services also provides ongoing support for your Atlassian products. This includes access to Atlassian support engineers, as well as proactive services like health checks, performance tuning, and system monitoring. With Atlassian support, you can ensure your Atlassian tools are running smoothly and efficiently. Also, We’re experts in Enterprise Work Management, ITSM, DevSecOps, and Agile at Scale.

Atlassian training covers a wide range of topics, including Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more. With Oxalis training, your team can improve their skills and productivity.

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