OSRS with TIP Integration is Here

Posted on 09.17.2020

Oxalis is thrilled to announce a new Test Inspection Plan (TIP) integration release for Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS). The integration, built on top of Oxalis’s flagship maritime product OSRS, will allow shipyards to efficiently and effectively file TIP reports while adhering to strict government regulations. The integration is projected to save shipyards a significant amount of time and financial resources.

Since NAVSEA’s 009-04 FY21 release in October 2019, Oxalis saw a need for more accurate and efficient reporting to Navy Maintenance Database (NMD) as required by new regulations. With oxalis.io’s existing compliance expertise and repair software, the TIP integration was a clear and obvious addition to the already robust ship repair software.

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Oxalis implements TIP Integration to their Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS), ahead of upcoming strict 009-04 regulations 

PORTLAND, ORE. September 14 — Portland-based software company oxalis.io added new functionality to their Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) product, providing valuable tools and guardrails for the maritime industry in to meet the challenges of 009-04 regulations that require yards to use the Navy Maintenance Database (NMD) for all Test and Inspection Plan (TIP) reporting. This implementation is projected to save shipyards tens of thousands of dollars in costly recording errors and additional staff required for added data entry. 

“Shipyards have for too long struggled with hand-me-down technology that only ever partially meets their needs,” said Micah Waldstein, oxalis.io Director of Product. “With OSRS and its TIP integration, we’re changing that paradigm and allowing yards to focus on keeping the fleet repaired rather than shuffling paperwork.” 

The U.S. Naval Instutite reported the Navy’s fear of shipyard repair capacity as the Navy’s fleet continues to grow. With OSRS and TIP Integration, Oxalis provides a modern solution to reduce repair times and improve the accuracy of reporting and processes. 

Oxalis Ship Repair System (OSRS) is the only off-the-shelf technology solution purpose-built for shipyards to manage repair processes. Fully integrated with the Navy Maintenance Database (NMD), OSRS coordinates collection, management and communication of key repair processes from one central hub. By reducing administrative staff requirements and lowering the risk of contractual penalties, OSRS saves shipyards money while enabling previously-impossible reporting, analytic, and forecasting capabilities.

oxalis.io specializes in compliant technology solutions for the highly-regulated Maritime, Healthcare, and Government-adjacent industries. With over four years of experience navigating the unique challenges surrounding compliance technology, Oxalis’s team of experts consistently explores and develops elegant solutions for modern complications.

Get More Info Here: tip.oxalis.io/en-us/tip-integration

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