Why move to the Atlassian Cloud now?

Posted on 11.06.2023
Written by Blanca Vazquez

Atlassian Cloud’s popularity is no mystery. It excels in supporting scalability, efficient data storage, and readily available access, all at a fraction of the cost compared to in-house hardware solutions. Its robust security measures are complemented by a comprehensive suite of Atlassian tools, streamlining operations and ushering in faster innovation. Your journey to the cloud is in capable hands with Oxalis

It’s no secret why Atlassian Cloud has become so widely used. It supports scalability, data storage, and on-demand access for a significantly lower cost than in-house hardware. It’s secure, comes with an extensive suite of Atlassian tools, and eliminates administrative overhead, allowing you to innovate faster.

Nevertheless, the choice to migrate to Atlassian Cloud often entails considerations

Every company possesses its individual motivations for cloud migration, and your cloud requirements may vary from those of other organizations. It is imperative to ascertain the precise drivers for your transition to Atlassian Cloud and to define the essential support and tools required, both prior to and following the migration. This piece explores typical motivations behind migrating to Atlassian Cloud and underscores our comprehensive support throughout the migration journey.

What is the ideal timing for transitioning to Atlassian Cloud?

The expense of setting up and maintaining in-house infrastructure, plus the ongoing need for investments to stay up-to-date with technology, creates major problems. Old infrastructure can slow down work, make security issues, and clash with new services and software.

To tackle these problems, lots of companies have moved to Atlassian Cloud. It gives you adaptable and scalable tech, and you only pay for what you use. Plus, it means you don’t need your own in-house tech setup, which gives you more flexibility. For those using Atlassian Server, migrating to Atlassian Cloud offers familiar features and better performance, and the deadline for migration is February 15, 2024.

Atlassian Cloud not only manages the hardware but also offers the latest software as a service (SaaS). These software components are always available and current. Because they’re created, tested, and deployed by the same company, you won’t run into compatibility problems. This means you can concentrate on your tasks instead of dealing with on-site infrastructure issues.

Three key Products you can utilize in the Cloud

Companies can pick from a set of cloud-powered tools for agile and DevOps, IT service management (ITSM), and work management. These tools make things run smoother, encourage teamwork, and remove slowdowns.

Jira Software

JiraService Management lets you get the data you need when you need it, making your teams more efficient and allowing you to keep track of how things are going. You can see the whole picture, share your plans with stakeholders, and make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. Plus, having all your project features in one place, so that information can flow smoothly between people, teams, and tools, is crucial for effective business operations.

Jira Service Management

Streamlines and enhances IT service management and customer support processes. It offers powerful tools for ticketing, automation, reporting, and collaboration, enabling organizations to deliver efficient and high-quality services while providing a seamless customer experience.


Confluence allows teams to create, share, and collaborate on content, including documents, project plans, and knowledge bases, all within a centralized and easily accessible workspace. Confluence fosters teamwork, knowledge sharing, and efficient communication, making it a valuable tool for both small teams and large organizations

Security features

Atlassian Cloud Security is the top priority. With robust encryption, access controls, and proactive threat detection, we ensure your data is safe and your operations remain uninterrupted. Trust Cloud to safeguard your valuable assets. Atlassian makes sure your data is super secure. It’s all encrypted when it’s moving around or sitting on our cloud servers. Only you and the team you give permission to can get to it.

91 percent of our Atlassian Cloud users think our cloud is way more stable and safe than having stuff on their own servers.

Atlassian is serious about keeping things safe. If there’s ever a security hiccup, Atlassian got plans in place to handle it, and we’ll keep you updated on what’s going on with the system.


Flexibility is a big plus with Atlassian Cloud. When you use your own in-house systems, it’s tough to adjust as your business grows or shrinks. It’s a time-consuming and costly process. Plus, it can be a real hassle to scale down without breaking the bank. With Atlassian Cloud, it’s a breeze to set up a plan that suits your needs and change it as your business evolves. This is a smart choice, especially for fast-growing companies.

Oxalis can facilitate your Atlassian Cloud migration

While moving to the cloud demands thoughtful preparation, it’s a wise business move that can lead to significant savings in time, money, and resources. Atlassian Cloud offers high availability, strong security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, enabling you to operate more efficiently and make a bigger impact. Oxalis has been a trusted partner for numerous teams in their cloud migration journey. Get in touch with us to start your journey.

Migrating to the cloud is a transformative leap towards efficiency and innovation. Embracing cloud technology can unlock numerous advantages, including cost savings, scalability, enhanced security, and seamless collaboration. By making the switch, you free up resources, streamline operations, and stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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