5 “Do-Now” Business Cybersecurity Changes

Posted on 08.21.2019
Written by Mary Sullivan

As technology gets smarter, so do hackers. Your data could be at risk without even knowing it. Don’t wait until it is too late to institute change, we have highlighted the top 5 cybersecurity changes for your business or organization to institute today. 

1. Enable IAM MFA

The easiest way to increase the security of your data is to control how your users can access it. Single-sign on passwords is obsolete, opening doors for hackers to enter through. Creating a Multi-Factor Authentication creates more barriers to entry for hackers. It becomes more difficult to gain access to a user’s sensitive accounts when there are multiple steps before gaining the ability to accessing data. This is incredibly important to institute for Identity and Access Management Users are known as IAM users within Amazon Web Service platforms. Introducing multiple steps of authentication before allowing access is imperative for IAM users who possess greater access and increased editing capabilities within the platform, which are very lucrative to hackers. Get more information.  

2. Turn on CloudTrail. Now.

CloudTrail is a very beneficial feature within Amazon Web Services. This feature creates an access history of your AWS account, allowing an ongoing record of your valuable projects. This also helps to increase the security within AWS accounts as it increases viability. CloudTrail helps you spot errors faster and smarter. CloudTrail also increases functionality such as downloading, searching, archiving or responding to account activities. Why wait? Download your free trial of CloudTrail today! 

3. Your sensitive data may not be safe, can you plug the leak? 

Hackers can often infiltrate systems without notice until it is too late. You run the risk of exposing your data to various threats, without even knowing it. Do not wait for an attack to happen, enhance your security today. Prepare for the possible outcome of the risks you face, don’t wait until it is too late. 

4. Do a quick scan

It is important to understand your security protocols from an overarching perspective. Continually checking your systems will promote familiarity and consistency, helping you better spot and limit the abilities of unwanted users accessing your sensitive information. Regularly scanning your systems quickly on a foundational level will help you maintain security with ease. Get started.

5. Lockdown your ACLs. Don’t be the one to make your S3 bucket public.

The AWS S3 bucket saves your data to a public cloud, allowing increased accessibility and heighten security. However, it can be easy to accidentally make sensitive information available publicly for external users. Creating and securing Access Control Lists, or ACLs, within AWS limits accidental mistakes. These lists delegate access to buckets and objects, allowing you to expressly control who gets to see what. This will also help to decrease access to fraudulent accounts that attempt to access from within internal domains or accreditations. Talk to an expert.

Time to take the Business Cybersecurity Changes

It is important to institute a cybersecurity roadmap for your business before your sensitive information is in the wrong hands. Comprehensive assessments are sometimes needed to better understand your company’s security structure. Security is no longer a “one and done” situation. Now is the time to emphasize the operational effectiveness of your data security. Learn how Oxalis can help you cover your blind spots, keeping data in your own hands. In case you need help with Atlassian, feel free to contact us.

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