Jira Keyboard Shortcuts that Improve Daily Productivity

Posted on 08.21.2019
Written by Mary Sullivan

Atlassian Jira Software allows agile development to be at the forefront of all of your progress. As an integral pillar of agile development, change can be created or responded to incredibly quickly within real-time. Learn how you can optimize your Jira experience and expedite response time with some of our favorite shortcuts for Jira platforms. Jira keyboard shortcuts work outside of the text field within both Jira Software and Confluence. Below, we will detail some of the most lucrative shortcuts to help increase efficiency when creating, editing or developing workflows within Jira.

Implement global board shortcuts to help navigate with efficiency and ease.

At Oxalis, we utilize Jira software within our own workflows and processes. We understand the best ways to implement Jira in order to harness the utmost benefits. Utilizing Jira keyboard shortcuts can help you introduce small changes that have profound impacts on the way your users work. Learn more.

These key, global shortcuts help you to navigate through boards within Jira with ease and fluidity. You can easily access your personal dashboard at any point within Jira by simply pressing the keys “G” and “D” simultaneously. Returning to the dashboard is just one navigational short cut offered out of many within Jira. Below are some of our personal favorite shortcuts to efficiently navigate at a universal level within Jira.

Jira Keyboard Shortcuts
Simply click the specified keys allocated to each shortcut and you will be moving smoothly throughout your various boards! – Jira Board Shortcuts

One of the most useful Jira keyboard shortcuts from a global perspective is the “Administrative Quick Search” shortcut. This shortcut helped us to personally transform the way we utilize this function within a board. Simply pressing your “/” allows the Administrative Quick Search to be promoted to your screen without having to exit a board. You do not have to stop the work you are doing in order to access this Quick Search from the dashboard window. Utilizing the Administrative Quick Search allows you access to various Jira shortcuts so you can optimize the work you are creating, within losing momentum. Contact our experts.

Transform your interaction with issues using agile specific board shortcuts.

Jira Shortcuts
Jira Board Shortcuts

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