Atlassian FedRAMP Moderate: Timeline and Alternatives for Secure Collaboration

Posted on 10.03.2023
Written by Blanca Vazquez

Good news for government agencies! Atlassian is making significant strides towards FedRAMP authorization for its cloud products. Here’s an update on their progress and what it means for you.

Key Milestones Achieved

  • On Track for “In Process” Designation: Atlassian expects to achieve the “In Process” designation through agency authorization by Q2 2024.
  • Moderate Authorization to Operate Coming Soon: They are aiming for a “Moderate Authorization to Operate” by Q1 2025.
  • Expanded FedRAMP Coverage: Great news! Atlassian has expanded FedRAMP coverage to include Jira Service Management Cloud. This enables seamless collaboration across three of their core cloud offerings.

What This Means for Your Teams

  • Enhanced Security: Atlassian has implemented a substantial portion of the rigorous FedRAMP Moderate security controls throughout their platform.
  • Seamless Collaboration: The inclusion of Jira Service Management Cloud in the FedRAMP scope facilitates smooth collaboration across vital project management tools.

Do You Need FedRAMP Moderate?

Before migrating to the cloud, it’s crucial to assess your data components and confirm the necessary level of control is in place.

Need a Solution Now?

Since Atlassian Server support ended in February 2024, here are your options for secure collaboration as FedRAMP integration for the cloud progresses.

  • Atlassian Data Center: This on-premises solution provides robust security and support while Atlassian works towards FedRAMP authorization for the cloud.
  • Easy Data Center Migration: Transitioning to Data Center is now simplified. You can convert your Server instance to Data Center with just a new license key, if a clustered deployment isn’t required.
  • Alternative Cloud Solutions: Consider leveraging commercial cloud services like AWS in US regions with FedRAMP compliance.
  • Strategic Cloud Migration Planning: Proactively prepare for future cloud migration by implementing data governance practices, assessing plugins, and ensuring your systems are cloud-ready.
  • Hybrid Approach: A hybrid approach might be suitable depending on your specific restrictions and limitations.

What’s Not Covered Yet?

It’s important to understand what’s currently excluded from the FedRAMP scope:

  • Items outside ITAR/EAR regulations
  • The status of plugins (still under evaluation)

Partnering with Oxalis for a Smooth Transition

Oxalis can be your trusted partner in navigating this transition. We offer:

  • Expert Guidance: Our team can help you identify and inventory your data, define compliance requirements, and design or refine business processes for compliance.
  • High-Compliance Infrastructure: We can assist in setting up a secure data center environment, including high availability configurations and government cloud integration options.
  • Streamlined Governance: We help establish governance protocols to simplify future data transitions and platform moves.
  • Effortless Teamwork: Get started with Oxalis and empower your teams with seamless collaboration tools.

Don’t Wait!

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