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Jira Service Management is built for the modern enterprise. See how Oxalis, your technical consultant experts, can save you an average of 155 hours per month with an Atlassian environment. Download our Free JSM Playbook.

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  • Economic Impact of Jira Service Management
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Standard Plan

  • Up to 10,000 agents
  • 250 GB file storage
  • Business hour support
  • Unlimited email notifications

Premium Plan

  • Everything in Standard plan
  • Advanced incident management
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Asset and configuration management

Enterprise Plan

  • Everything in Premium plan
  • Enhanced data and analytics
  • Centralized security and administration
  • 24/7 dedicated senior support for all issues

Eliminate Risks in Your ITSM operations with JSM

Lack of collaboration and infrastructure

IT Service Management - Jira

Absence of team’s autonomy

IT Service Management - Jira Service Management

Pitfalls in service delivery

Silos in teams and processes

100% ITSM Integration Success

Since moving to Jira, Sana Benefits development teams have seen a median cycle time of 24 hours for Bugs, and under 5 days for Stories.

In working with SanaBenefits we were able to:

  • Implement an integrated, cross-collaboration Atlassian toolset
  • Design and configure a single system that met their HIPAA requirements
  • Protect their data in a secure environment with zero downtime upgrades

Skyrocket Efficiency and Collaboration

The Atlassian ITSM suite enhances your teams’ efficiency, productivity, service quality, collaboration, and more. With Oxalis & Atlassian, learn how you can achieve:

Enhanced service delivery

  • Enable business and IT teams to better communicate, collaborate, and manage project and IT work intake.
  • Improve the flow of work with adaptive change enablement.
  • Empower data teams to manage their IT infrastructure, while enabling business leaders to report on customers, inventories, finances, and more.
  • Improve your knowledge workers’ productivity and efficiency by giving them easy access to the information they need, when they need it.

Enhanced service operations

  • Respond to, resolve, and learn from every incident.
  • Blend incident and problem practices to improve service quality while sharing lessons learned.

Enhanced service support

  • Make your data work for you to deliver delightful, consumer-grade service and support to customers both internal and external, and refine continuously with powerful real-time reporting.
  • Define your assets how you like and work with them in whatever way suits you and your business best. Automate where you can, and streamline where you can’t.

We're ITSM experts, download our ITSM Atlassian Guide.

Achieve 277% ROI
with Oxalis & Atlassian

According to Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact™ report, after three years, the average company using Atlassian for ITSM had:

  • Realized a 277% ROI
  • Recovered 155 hours per month for IT operations teams
  • Improved service desk productivity by $1.4 million
  • Saved $2.0 million by switching from a legacy ITSM product

Get started with Atlassian ITSM solutions today with Oxalis. We are experts in training strategic service management in the areas of: planning, process & protocol design and technical implementations.

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