Women in Tech at Oxalis: Why Our Culture Rocks

Posted on 03.29.2024
Written by Blanca Vazquez

We all know tech needs more women leaders, and honestly, we’re kind of killing it here at Oxalis. It’s more than just hiring amazing women – it’s about the way we work together, support each other, and make an impact on our clients. That’s our secret sauce.

Meet some of our stars: There’s Mary Sullivan, Sharon Liu, and Emelinda Daly – crushing it as Solutions Consultants and a Technical Specialist. These women aren’t just part of the team; they’re redefining what leadership in tech looks like. So, let’s hear it from them – the challenges, the big wins, and how being at Oxalis lets them make a real difference.

Mary Sullivan

Sharon Liu

Emelinda Daly

The tech world is changing fast. What skills and qualities do you believe are essential for women leaders to cultivate to make a lasting impact?

As a female leader, it’s crucial to speak your mind with both confidence and grace. It’s not always easy in male-dominated workspaces, but it’s how we make our voices heard and drive change.


Sharon: As a woman in the workplace, I find that our innate emotional intelligence and attentive listening skills bring invaluable insights to client interactions. At Oxalis, I’m grateful that my perspective is not only acknowledged but actively incorporated into our solutions, ensuring that we effectively address our clients’ needs and challenges.

Mary: Building on Sharon’s point, being detail-oriented and a quick problem solver are so important. Often, clients come to us knowing an issue exists, but not how to fix it. We jump on calls, answer a barrage of questions, and find solutions collaboratively – all in real time. This fast-paced environment is where women at Oxalis truly shine. Our focus on details and our natural creativity allows us to think on our feet and deliver exceptional solutions under pressure.

Emy: I focus on the technical side, not sales, but great customer service is key. Too often, I overhear tech support blaming customers instead of figuring out the problem. My approach is simple: the customer had an issue, period. It doesn’t matter if the system’s perfect — something went wrong for them. Understanding how they use the system, and where it caused friction, lets us build better experiences for everyone. This way, we focus on solutions, not blame. My goal is always ensuring the customer can get their work done, regardless of who was “at fault.”

How do you approach building and maintaining strong relationships with customers in the tech sector? Are there any strategies or lessons you’ve found to be effective?

Building strong customer relationships is crucial, and video conferencing makes a big difference. Emails and texts lack the personal touch that fosters connection. A face-to-face Zoom meeting at the beginning sets the stage for a more positive experience. Seeing someone’s face allows for better engagement and helps you understand their communication style. This initial investment of time can lead to a smoother, more productive working relationship in the long run.


Mary: I’ve found that taking a few minutes for genuine connection at the start and end of calls goes a long way. It adds a human touch, which is so important. Building rapport by asking about someone’s family or weekend plans helps forge that personal bond while keeping work goals in sight. Sharing a bit of my own personality – maybe some humor or a quick mention of my hobbies – invites others to do the same. This approach has made my customer relationships and internal collaborations so much stronger.

Emy: Every customer has a unique working style. Some are strictly focused on the task at hand, while others prefer a more collaborative approach. Understanding and adapting to their communication style is key to building a successful working relationship.

Sharon: Mary’s right. Taking a few minutes to genuinely ask ‘How are you doing?’ can make a huge difference in meetings. Clients often have struggles beyond the immediate project, and just listening creates a safe space to share. Sometimes we can even find ways to help! Investing time upfront to truly get to know your clients – especially during onboarding – builds trust and comfort. This leads to smoother communication and better collaboration throughout the whole project.

Why would you encourage women in the technology industry to join the team at Oxalis?

Oxalis empowers you to perform your best on your own terms. I love having the flexibility to be myself and find the work style that really drives my success.


Mary: I would wholeheartedly recommend Oxalis to anyone, regardless of gender. What sets this place apart is how much Oxalis values the whole person. Too many workplaces don’t see the full picture of what you bring, and that’s why so many people end up unhappy in their jobs. Here, I’ve seen the company’s commitment firsthand: flexible schedules, generous leave policies – Oxalis truly supports its employees. That kind of respect makes a world of difference.

Sharon: The flexibility here is amazing. If you have a good idea, they encourage you to share it! Instead of shutting you down, they’re likely to say, “That’s fantastic – go for it!” This feels incredibly empowering, especially as a woman. Other companies I’ve worked for boxed you into a narrow role, which stifled my drive to contribute. At Oxalis, the possibilities feel endless, and I think that sense of potential is something we all value.

Emy: During COVID, I needed to take leave unexpectedly. Jon, our CEO was incredibly supportive. He not only helped me personally, but also championed a change to the company handbook. Now, there’s more flexibility for unpaid leave and sabbaticals — it’s about addressing the whole person’s needs. This supportive culture extends to vacations as well. Unlike previous jobs, I truly feel comfortable disconnecting when I’m out. Everyone respects personal time here, and management leads by example. As Mary said, I could not endorse Oxalis more highly for a place to create a career. They’ve built a fantastic team, and the company culture truly sets them apart.

Share an example of how Oxalis’ culture directly helped you develop a new skill or improve an existing one. How does this impact your work?

The flexibility here is amazing. If you have a good idea, they encourage you to share it! Instead of shutting you down, they’re likely to say, “That’s fantastic – go for it!” This feels incredibly empowering, especially as a woman. 


Emy: Oxalis approaches every problem with an open mind. We’re solution-focused, which sometimes means developing entirely new skills along the way. The company supports this learning process, which has been invaluable for my professional growth. In my field, staying ahead means constant adaptation, and Oxalis gives me the space to do that.

Mary: Oxalis has transformed the way I approach consulting — how I present myself, even the words I use with clients. I’ve grown both by watching others and through my own successes and failures. Beyond the technical skills for my daily work, Oxalis fosters an environment where I’m always seeking new ways to improve. They’ve supported me in earning certifications, staying up to date on our technology, and constantly learning. This focus on personal and professional development isn’t something all my friends experience in their workplaces. Oxalis encourages me to expand my network, give back to my university, and pursue opportunities to grow both within and beyond the company.

Sharon: Oxalis is all about possibilities – the flexibility to explore and the support to grow. If I’m interested in something, like project management, I know they’ll help me pursue it. They give me the resources, the encouragement – it’s never about staying in one narrow lane. Being stuck doing the same repetitive tasks limits your growth potential. Oxalis opens possibilities. When you see an opportunity, they say ‘Go for it!’ That’s what’s propelled my professional development the most.

Beyond Women in Tech: How Oxalis Builds an Inclusive Workplace

The success stories of Mary Sullivan, Sharon Liu, and Emelinda Daly at Oxalis highlight the power of an inclusive company culture. Oxalis doesn’t merely talk about female leadership – they create an environment where everyone can thrive. They value confidence, detail-orientation, problem-solving, and empathy – essential skills for women leaders in tech. The focus on personal connection and understanding customer needs reinforces the benefit of a human-centered approach.

Most importantly, Oxalis empowers all employees to reach their potential. Their flexibility, emphasis on professional growth, and support for well-being create an environment where everyone can excel. This inclusive approach isn’t just about helping women succeed – it’s the key to innovation and progress within the tech industry. Oxalis sets a powerful example of how company culture can empower women leaders and shape a more inclusive future for the entire field.

Join our team at Oxalis and make your mark on the tech industry. Apply today and discover how your talent and passion can thrive.

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