Oxalis Advanced Estimation Adds Advanced Features With Latest Release

Posted on 05.07.2021
Written by Ross Marks

Estimation Software Developer and technology consulting firm oxalis.io has released substantial updates to their flagship estimation software product, Oxalis Advanced Estimation.

Created to streamline the Estimation processes for large estimation teams utilizing historical data, enabling the use of entrenched knowledge, and helping organizations win more bids faster, the latest improvements add customizable calculators, new authentication systems, duplication features, and more.

This version represents one of the largest sets of new functionality since the 1.0 release in July 2019, continuing Oxalis’s commitment to providing professional estimators and estimation teams with the most powerful tool for bid development. Get started.

New Features

Estimation Calculators

Now you can conduct advanced math equations within Oxalis Advanced Estimation, unlocking huge new capabilities. With the manual calculator feature built into release v1.5.0, you can generate new line items from mathematical equations of arbitrary complexity and route the outputs however you want.

Estimation teams may now capture formulaic and complex estimation calculators within the system, enabling the organization to standardize processes for robust estimation at scale. Knowledge and methods may now be captured systemically for future use and reusability. Learn more.

New Oxalis Estimation Calculator View
New calculator functionality means users can build out equations for materials, labor, etc.

Next with calculators, Oxalis is developing saved calculator presets and usage reporting.

New Authentication System

The legacy authentication system in Estimation was showing its age and its exclusive support for Active Directory limited deployment options. We’ve integrated Keycloak, a widely used enterprise IDP used by the Air Force’s DevSecOps initiative among others, to provide a massive boost to flexibility in authentication and user federation without making any security compromises.

Some scenarios now supported:

  • SSO Support for both OIDC and SAML providers
  • Advanced AD & LDAP integration for customized user federation
  • Local-only user management
  • Highly customizable login flows, timeouts, and more

Audit Pruning & Performance

Full audit history is hugely important to Oxalis Advanced Estimation, both for compliance and management. Unfortunately, performance issues limited its use on larger systems. We’ve rewritten large parts of the auditing process to maintain performance even on large instances. Get more information.

As part of this change, we’ve also reduced the amount of “noise” in the audit history.

Not only are there new valuable features in the latest Oxalis Advanced Estimation update, but it also sets the foundation for the next six months of updates and improvements.

All of our major features are the first steps to radically increasing the power of Oxalis Advanced Estimation in different ways.

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