Mineral Migration to AWS Case Study

Posted on 08.25.2021

The Challenge

Mineral needed to get their primary revenue generating application to the cloud fast. The business was about to scale dramatically and needed to be move fast to set the stage for the fast approaching uptime requirements, expansion, and partnerships. Oxalis was engaged to assess, architect, and migrate Mineral monolith code base to AWS services and resilient cloud architecture so that the business could proceed with revenue generating partnerships.

Previous efforts had failed and something needed to be done.

Our Approach

Oxalis is skilled with charting the path forward for complex technology migration and then delivering results. The following steps were taken:

  • Current state assessment: Oxalis did a deep dive into the existing application, infrastructure, and efforts to migrate. Not only was the technology considered, but so were the processes, existing CI/CD and tooling that would be needed to be implemented. Finally Oxalis built a concrete understanding of the desired state and scale requirements.
  • Cloud Architecture and Design: With a solid understanding of the current state and to be requirements defined. Oxalis quickly got to work mapping the cloud formation templates and desired architecture at an MVP level that was required to be successful with a Cloud migration.
  • Code and Process Remediation: Oxalis moved to remediate processes and code required to fully leverage the managed services of AWS such as RDS and EC2. Code was altered to parameterize the system to allow for automated deployment and the ability to fully leverage cloud formation automation.
  • Migration: One of the primary facets of the Oxalis service was technical leadership. This was brought to bear with an integrated team that was highly knowledgeable of migration best practices. Oxalis developed a robust migration script, tested it, then tested it again. Once vetted, the migration went off during a schedule outage window and exactly as rehearsed and planned.

Services we provided

  • AWS Cloud Architecture Design and Development
  • Programmatic Remediation and Refactor for Cloud Scale
  • Technology Leadership
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud AWS Development Operations and Maintenance

The Outcome

It starts with the business challenge. Our team moves quickly to define the challenge and start executing a robust plan forward. The results for Mineral were clear. They now have a fully scalable cloud architecture, faster path to deployments, additional revenue opportunity, and a future development state that leverages advanced AWS capabilities to fully do region to region failover, and a full micro-service strategy going forward.

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