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In the world of complex ship repairs and fabrications, we possess both the industry understanding and the technology solutions to meet your needs on your own terms.


Oxalis Ship Repair System—or OSRS—is a purpose-built maritime technology solution for managing ship repair operations. Compliant and configured to replace current Excel-based systems, OSRS improves ship repair maintenance operations through subcontractor management and government system integration with TIP, CFR, and other required reporting.

Scaled Solutions

Whether you’re an up-and-coming shipyard looking to streamline or a national enterprise with several yards around the country, our maritime technology solutions are scalable for where you’re at and where you’re going.

A Growing System

Oxalis Ship Repair System and Oxalis Estimation are evolving products, improved with each new shipyard expressing different sets of needs. As the creators of OSRS and Oxalis Estimation, we are able to add features and improvements that work for shipyards’ individual needs.

Deep Expertise

Built in tandem with some of the country’s largest and most dynamic shipyards, Oxalis Ship Repair System and Oxalis Estimation understand ship repair challenges and provides maritime technology solutions that work within ship repair organizations.

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While technology has moved at a rapid pace in nearly every industry around the United States, shipyards and specifically ship repair organizations have been left behind.


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