How You Can Benefit from Atlassian’s New Acquisition, Halp

Posted on 07.14.2020
Written by Mary Sullivan

Atlassian software solutions work to enable the distributed workforce by providing tools that help to streamline functionality when working in a remote environment. As many companies transition to life while working from home, Atlassian continues to develop new and exciting ways to support teams with increased efficiency and transparent communication. Atlassian continues to deliver on this commitment, as shown through the acquisition of Halp, a cutting-edge virtual help desk. 

What is Halp?

Is a software as a solution service platform utilized to help streamline support between IT service providers and their clients, was born out of demand in 2019, offering support services for ticketing automation to leverage the efficiency of technical operations teams. Halp’s ticketing platform seamlessly integrates into messaging platforms, like Slack or Microsoft Teams, to develop and track support tickets within organic conversations. Halp saw a need to quickly process internal requests within native communication environments as opposed to the many steps required for email approval or formal service requests. Halp uncovered the opportunity to develop consistency, and efficiency, throughout the process by meeting people where they’re already working. Talk to our experts.

Using different classifiers like emojis or targeted phrases, Halp classifies “tickets” made within conversations for service requests, custom forms or report tickets, automating progress. These tickets are automatically delivered to external platforms, including Jira Service Desk and Confluence, to process these requests without additional communication. Halp limits the need for additional communication, such as formal requests or email chains, in order to maximize efficiency and meet clients within their native environments, on their own terms. Halp will also pre-populate answers to frequently asked questions, integrating with your knowledge base in order to streamline answers to pressing questions.

What does Atlassian’s acquisition of Halp mean for you and your teams?

Atlassian aims to provide solutions to your greatest problems, on your own terms. This mission is realized through the most recent acquisition of Halp. Halp supports teams to create and manage service and communication requisitions, on the tools you are already using. Integrating Halp into your current process helps to maximize efficiency through the use of a fully automated, monolithic service desk. Halp will not only recognize previously addressed topics but will also automatically reply to key phrases in order to provide answers as quickly as possible. Get support.

 Halp also works to streamline the ticketing process through the use of automated ticket development and tracking, while seamlessly integrating into your unique workflows. Tickets and requests created by Halp within Slack, or your current messaging system, to then transfer and sync with external platforms for processing, like Jira Service Desk or Confluence. Specifically seen within Slack, users can react to messages with a targeted emoji, which then translates as a unique qualifier to create a new ticket within your service desk platform, like Jira. This helps to create tickets within organic conversations that are automatically organized with the appropriate identifiers and user admins.

Halp supports streamlined services, no matter the scale.

Halp provides in-depth support with ease and efficiency, helping your teams prioritize progress. No matter the size of your organization or your constraints also has proven success for many diverse situations throughout the first year of operation. As Halp transitions to Atlassian, many industry learning companies have seen success through the use of Halp including Adobe, VMWare, GitHub, Slack, and many more. Halp supports these teams by managing and maintaining communication without having to transition to another platform to create work items. This frees up valuable time for your teams while also providing expedited answers and progress for your clients, on the platforms you know and love. Learn more.

This tool can provide consistency and clarity while expediting progress, for your teams and your clients. Find the support you need to deliver progress faster with unified and transparent communication, through the help of Oxalis. Oxalis is here for you and your teams to help provide clarity and stability within remote work environments and technology solutions. We understand how difficult it can be to implement new services and manage unified teams at the same time but, Oxalis has the tools and expertise to guide you through this process. To understand more about the power of Halp and what it can do for your teams, schedule a demo below.

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