Taking The Complication out of Jira Cloud Migration

Posted on 08.25.2020
Written by Jake Sullivan

Migrating systems to the cloud is an increasingly pertinent subject. In the past 5 years, Google Searches for keywords related to “Cloud Migration Services” have jumped nearly 500% (and rising fast). Of course, this isn’t a new topic—not only have we written about cloud migration and its benefits on our Oxalis Blog, but a quick search will also pull hundreds of thousands of articles saying the same thing: given you don’t have any compliance or regulatory barriers, it’s time to migrate your system to Atlassian’s cloud

With the rise of the COVID crisis since March 2020, we’ve seen spiked demand as employees are required to work from home, manage systems remotely, and collaborate from afar. The flexibility surrounding cloud migration has never been more relevant than it is now. The COVID crisis forced many companies to make the leap out of necessity—only to discover they should have made it long ago.  

Atlassian Discontinuing Server Edition, Encouraging Cloud Migration

This post has never been more applicable, as Atlassian announced the future discontinuation of its Server edition products. The announcement, which was released in October, details a timeline of dwindling sales and support of Server edition products starting February 2, 2021, and officially ending support for Server edition products by February 2, 2024. Read our full breakdown of Atlassian’s announcement and what it means for your Server products.

If you’re teetering on the decision to migrate to Atlassian’s Cloud, either out of necessity or curiosity, we’re here to tip you in the right direction. Get support.

As Atlassian cloud migration advisors, Oxalis’s unique expertise ensures Cloud Migration success.

The Cloud Migration Playbook, written for any company that needs to migrate from Atlassian Server or Data Center to the Cloud, covers the entire migration process from pre-planning to testing to executing the migration.

The Top Oxalis-Endorsed Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud Today:

The Benefits from the Ecosystem:

Atlassian has created a bevy of integrations that work seamlessly with Atlassian’s cloud, and they will continue to do so. Here’s some proof: back in May 2020, Atlassian purchased HALP, a communication integration that turns popular workplace communication tools (like Slack) into a virtual help desk. They want the cloud to work for everyone, and they’ll continue making strategic moves to improve.

The Reassurances of Stability:

The cloud allows for seamless, effortless updates. You and your team will have the most up to date systems, creating less maintenance and operation costs, saving valuable time, and providing the highest security standards—all done automatically.   

The Atlassian Commitment to Product:

Take it from the Atlassian Gold Partners and the 2019 Rising Stars from the Americas—right now, the cloud is Atlassian’s baby. They care more about growing that part of their business than any other. Atlassian’s team will continue investing in this system, and you will be one of the beneficiaries. Talk to our experts.

After all of that, let’s say you’re now convinced. No more teetering. The question remains: how can I make this as easy as possible, with as little downtime as possible, and as few setbacks as possible? That’s where Oxalis comes in—we have the experts on staff to make sure that your migration is not only seamless, but also tailored to your business needs. 

Think about your last move…did you hire movers? 

  • If you didn’t, do you remember what a hassle that was? Loading up all of the boxes, try and play box tetris to get them to fit, driving that oversized truck around town? Asking friends to help, paying them in stacks of pizza and beverages for several hours of work? What about when someone dropped that box marked fragile and boom, now you need a new set of dinner plates?
  • If you did, do you remember how quick and easy it was? Do you remember pointing them in the right direction to load and unload the boxes, and do you remember how organized and beautiful the truck was when it was all loaded up? Do you remember the assurance that things would get there safely and securely, and all in considerably less time than loading and moving the truck yourself?

Now imagine the movers not only carry your precious house items from place to place, but then they offer advice on how to best use your new space for light and usability. They help you find things that were lost over the years, and made them a useful part of your home again. To top it all off, they offer some award winning interior design advice and help you hang just the right color of curtains to tie the room together. Learn more.

Oxalis does not simply move your data over to the cloud. We advise on optimal integrations that work best with the cloud, pinpoint the plugins and configurations that will help your system run smoothly. Additionally, Oxalis helps standardize your company’s flow and look for any points of improvement to make sure we’re leaving the job better than when we started. 

Think of us as your movers who take any and all extra steps. Oxalis makes this process safe, simple, and speedy while your business hums along. 

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