Understanding Zero Trust security: Where to start & why it matters.

Posted on 07.23.2021
Written by Blanca Vazquez
Undertanding zero trust security | Whitepaper

What’s inside:

In this paper, we will review the current state of workplace security, the basic principles of this model, and how you can begin your journey towards a Zero Trust-secure workplace environment.

Zero trust security model is perfect for you if you want to improve your safety. For decades, enterprise security controls were built to protect a large, single perimeter around a corporation. Often described as castle-and-moat security, this approach is based on the principle that the perimeter (or moat) should protect everything within its bounds, and everything inside the network is trusted by default.

The corporate technology space has changed dramatically since the days of castle-and-moat. That change brought the need for a new approach to workplace security. Enter Zero Trust – the new security model industry experts have turned to that addresses the growing security challenges in the modern workplace. This model worked for environments in which applications are hosted on-premise. But castle-and-moat doesn’t stand up to the security threats posed by the proliferation of cloud applications, devices, and logins.

It has become increasingly difficult to secure the critical systems, data, and employees that allow companies to successfully operate. Several converging trends in the IT space are to blame. In case you need help with Atlassian or Jira feel free to contact us.

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