Oxalis Releases Monthly Maritime Newsletter

Oxalis is announcing the release of its new monthly Maritime email newsletter. The monthly release will compile and interpret important stories from around the Maritime world.

Oxalis’s team of award-winning experts realized they were reading hundreds of stories per week related to the Maritime industry. They consistently strive to keep Oxalis at the cutting edge of the evolving maritime industry. Rather than keep that knowledge locked away, we’ve decided to share with our network who would find this as insightful as impactful.

The Oxalis Maritime Newsletter, which will be sent out monthly to a list of subscribers, will take on the most popular themes we’ve seen over the past month. For example, as October was “cybersecurity month”, each story in the newsletter featured different sections about cybersecurity, what it means for the Maritime industry, and how you can apply some of the lessons on your shipyard.

Edited by Director of Product Micah Waldstein and Founding Principal Jon Malanche, this newsletter will grow and morph over the years. However, one main thing will stay the same—this newsletter will provide the highest quality content for the maritime industry monthly.

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