Dispelling 4 misconceptions about self-managed environments

Posted on 07.23.2021
Written by Blanca Vazquez
Misconceptions about self-managed environments | Whitepaper

What’s inside:

In this whitepaper, we’re going to touch base on:

  • 4 misconceptions about self-managed environments.

Self-managed environments can have misconceptions but with this whitepaper you’ll see the things clear. The limitation of only deploying self-managed software on-prem is a thing of the past. Atlassian Data Center empowers you to modernize your organization while also maintaining control of your environment. You no longer have to deploy on your own hardware. You can take advantage of many of the benefits cloud computing offers by deploying Atlassian Data Center on the cloud leveraging an IaaS vendor like AWS or Azure.

With the choice to deploy on the cloud, you can begin virtualizing your infrastructure andleveraging the benefits of the cloud. But don’t worry, infrastructure capabilities aren’t going anywhere, you can transition to the cloud at your own pace.

Self-managed environments are still a way of life for many organizations. Not every enterprise is able to, or wants to, adopt a SaaS approach for all their needs. Let’s unpack some common misconceptions about self-managed software with Atlassian Data Center. Learn the reality behind the principal misconceptions about self-managed environments for instance: “Can’t deploy self-managed software in the cloud, Scaling is complex and difficult, Global infrastructure is needed, You’re on your own security”

There’s no denying the cost savings the cloud can provide. Deploying on AWS or Azure can help you reduce costs related to infrastructure, maintenance, or administrative support and significantly increase your ROI. Deploying on the cloud provides a flexible platform that can grow or shrink as needed. This allows you to confidently scale up or down depending on shifts in your business such as pursuing new innovations, exploring new markets, or acquiring new companies. In case you need help with Jira cloud feel free to contact us.

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