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Posted on 09.27.2023
Written by Blanca Vazquez

Atlassian Compass serves as a comprehensive developer experience platform, unifying distributed software architecture and fostering cohesive collaboration among cross-functional teams. This sophisticated developer portal seamlessly consolidates and presents a real-time, unified view of the entire engineering output within a singular, centralized environment.

With Compass, you gain the ability to meticulously monitor the development of vital software components by your engineering teams. These components constitute the foundational elements of your software projects, and Compass offers an elegant solution for their efficient oversight. Importantly, Compass complements Atlassian’s Jira, a renowned platform for meticulously tracking the efforts and progress of engineering teams as they diligently work on these essential components. Together, Compass and Jira create a symbiotic relationship, ensuring a transparent, well-organized, and optimized software development process. Compass is only available as a Cloud product, and not on Data Center or Server.

Why should I care about Compass availability?

Compass will be generally available starting Oct 17, 2023

General availability guarantees that you can confidently procure Compass, knowing it’s ready for production use. Compass is transitioning out of its beta phase, with the removal of the beta label from both the website and the product itself. Atlassian Customers and now have the option of choosing monthly billing. Compass is implementing a new billing system, while the Partner procurement process remains consistent with Atlas and Jira Product Discovery.

Annual Quote Availability

For Atlassian Customers: Annual billing will be offered starting in November for all direct Atlassian Compass customers.

Atlassian compass

From its initial early access launch, Compass has evolved into the world’s most extensive developer portal.

Why you should consider using Atlassian Compass?

Compass is designed to primarily serve developers and is supported by platform engineering teams. As organizations adopt DevOps principles, they are establishing platform teams composed of software engineers who focus on meeting the internal teams’ requirements. This approach offers multiple benefits, including increased development speed, improved security and incident management, shorter build times, and the provision of recommendations for optimal technology stacks, among other advantages.

If you occupy any of these positions, Atlassian Compass is customized to meet your requirements.

For developers deeply involved in coding and shouldering additional responsibilities related to code deployment and DevOps operations, Compass provides invaluable insights. It enables you to explore the intricacies of software architecture, access comprehensive information about various components, identify their owners, locate essential resources, and closely monitor the ever-changing dynamics within these component relationships.

For Engineering Managers overseeing one or more teams, your role in enabling their work, practices, and overall success is pivotal. Compass serves as an invaluable tool for seamlessly onboarding new team members to your software architecture. With Compass, you can readily access detailed information about components, their respective owners, available resources, and the dynamic interrelationships among them. Additionally, Compass provides in-depth insights into the operational status and health of the components managed or relied upon by your teams, facilitating the assessment of component performance and ensuring that key metrics are trending positively.

Compass comprises three primary facets that assist in overseeing the productivity of your engineering teams

Compass presents three fundamental aspects to enhance the oversight of your engineering teams. The first, the “Component Catalog,” consolidates all your organization’s software components into a central repository, fostering cohesion among dispersed information and teams. This feature enables seamless navigation of your software architecture, where you can monitor components, their interrelationships, and the teams responsible for them, all while understanding the tools and practices driving these components.

The ultimate objective is not merely to sustain their functionality but to actively boost their performance. The second aspect, “Apps and Integrations,” empowers you to create custom applications and integrations within Compass, with a specific focus on component discovery and the integration of data from external tools, providing valuable insights into your components’ status and overall health. Lastly, “Teams and Culture” within Compass offers robust guidance to cultivate behaviors that enhance your organization’s development and operations practices.

Compass key features
Key use cases
  • Governance: Customers use data from various services to track reliability, team performance, and security. They create scorecards based on this data to define what they consider a healthy state.
  • Team Health Operations: Each team manages a specific set of software components, ensuring they are in good, secure, and compliant condition.
  • Incident Management: Compass data offers additional insights regarding affected software components, recent activity such as deployments and feature flags, and dependency changes. This aids in faster incident triage and resolution by the team.
  • API & Dev Docs: Developers frequently create software by combining various components, like APIs, without necessarily understanding all the components in detail.

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